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  1. I cannot stress enough how out of depth I am with all this stuff, being guitar player with mostly analog pedals all my life before this. 😃
  2. Thanks Nigel!! Problem solved. It took a little time to figere out where to apply SustainFix, though (to Midi track, not the actual VST track),
  3. Hi! Complete noob here so bear with me... I have old Yamaha Clavinova (CLP-330) and I’m having some trouble with sustain pedal. I checked Event List and piano transmits CC64 fine but VST pianos I tried (Rhodes that is ”built in” and LABS Soft Piano) react strangely: if CC value is over 64 (or so), new notes are sustained, but if pedal is released a bit while sustaining (say from 127 to 110) new notes are sustained but old notes die off. Is there any way to set cut-off value of sustaining to be same value as onset value? (I’d rather have it working in real time and not correct it from piano roll view) Thanks in advance and cheers from Finland!
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