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  1. Yeah, it looked interesting but there is exactly one YouTube video (the teaser one from Melda) that shows it in action (there are a couple more, but they're junk). Normally I don't go to the hassle of downloading trial versions unless I already have a pretty good idea of what it can do from demos and reviews, but I think of all the time I've spent trying to get a good drum sound, and figured it was worth a shot. I tried it on a track with live drums we recorded in a studio, and it took less than 10 minutes for me to decide to buy it. Actually, it took all of 10 seconds, if that, to turn the thin kick drum into something much more solid and meaty, but not at all in a fake way. It just sounds good! It took a bit longer with the snare, which already sounded pretty good, but I was able to alter its character in rather subtle ways. Again, it sounded good, but very natural. What started as live drums ended up sounding like ... live drums! But sounding much better. The clincher was how much easier and quicker it was to get good results vs. fiddling with EQ, compression, etc., etc. Very glad I found this, and that it's on sale! And thanks for sharing your referral code ... between that and the 10 credits for newsletter signup it came in at $59, which normally I would be hesitant about for this type of effect, but ... it will save me so much time, and it sounds so good ... I talked myself into it!
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