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  1. Thanks, piano roll worked 😁
  2. I asked the same question to Quiet Music and they answered something i can't comprehend, maybe you could help me with it: "Hello, when you press the field recordings directly in the interface they play continuously, to sequence the field recordings you can use notes C-1 to F-1 in the Piano roll" How can this solve the fact that i dont hear the different sounds within the plugin?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm new to Cakewalk and starting my learning, have a question, i have a vst with different sounds on it, birds, rain, thunder, etc. Also has the capacity to pan the different sounds. I made a recording but in the end it only recorded one single sound, plane, no variations, no panning, no effects. Where should i go to set this so in one track, it could be possible to hear all the combinations of a single vst. The plugin i'm using is Serenity by Quiet Music Thanks
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