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  1. After taking another look, it looks like the plug-in wasn't authorized after all. You two are geniuses. Thanks!!!
  2. I've authorized the plug-in which is why I'm at at lost for the behavior that I've been experiencing. Guess I'll have to look for another reverb to use in my other applications.
  3. Hey CbB Fam!!! Has anyone else seen this issue?: When using Breverb as an insert I get a constant beeping sound that only goes away when I disable the plug-in or turn off the audio engine but it behaves normally when I insert it as a module in the Pro-Channel strip.
  4. Just do a custom install of Sonar Platinum and check the plug-ins you want/need and uncheck everything else that you don't want/need. This will save you some disk space if you don't need Sonar Platinum in it's full glory. Otherwise you can simply install the full program without messing up CbB.
  5. Sweetwater became my go to source for gear about 12+ years ago. I bought something from them years ago that turned out to be defective and I called Jason and a replacement arrived at my job the very next MORNING!!! Needless to say I was completely blown away, so much so that I wrote Chuck Surack to tell him what an outstanding job Jason and everyone else did. I only go to guitar Center these days to demo a piece of gear to decide if I want to buy it but I always call my service rep guy Jason Koon and his team to actually buy the gear that I want. They've always been top notch. (As matter of fact, I'm waiting for something to arrive from them soon!)
  6. Really? Where? (Can't seem to find it here).
  7. Another little used feature that slips by me. I'm going to revisit this one!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
  8. Being a creature of habit, I had no idea I could create "custom" layouts in the plugin browser. I'm going have to try this when I get home this evening. Learn something new every day
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