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  1. Have you tried updating your graphics card drivers? Go to the NVIDIA site and if there's perhaps some updated drivers for your card.
  2. .....and I do have a couple of plugins in the FX bin for this particular track. I'm going to dig a little deeper and see if one of this plugins is causing this behavior.
  3. Has any one else come across this? I have a mono recorded track (kick drum) with the Stereo Interleave button set to mono, but if I click to change it to stereo, Cakewalk crashes (disappears). I been able to replicate this several times.
  4. I've noticed this behavior as well but I think my issue was more of a volume control issue. After turning down the volume in Keyscape the pops went away. I'm using the ASIO drivers and my buffer is set to 128 samples.
  5. (sorry for the delay in responding) I've been using the UAD EMT-140 or Capitol Chambers reverb as my replacement. Absolutely love them!!!
  6. I've had this exact same problem with Breverb lately. I just stopped using it altogether.
  7. The only solution I've come across thus far is a program called "sizer" by brian apps. Here's the link: http://www.brianapps.net/sizer/ You have to launch the app before you open the VST in the MPC software to get it to work. As far as working in Patchwork, I haven't come across a solution.
  8. Sorry for the delay in responding, I've been out of town the past few days. My graphics drivers are indeed up to date and I'm still having the same issue. I'll give the micro vst host a try and see if that helps. Thanks!!!
  9. I think they are but I'll check when I get home this evening.
  10. I did reach out to BlueCat and I hope to hear some feedback from them as well. The Triton GUI fails to open when inserting in the standalone version of Patchwork and also when patchwork is inserted as a plugin in both DAWs that I have (Cakewalk by BandLab and Studio One 3). I've also noticed that when I insert the Triton VSTi into the MPC software as a plugin, only a 1" x 1" square of the upper left hand corner of the GUI is visible and any you can't change any parameters of the VSTi. The GUI opens perfectly when used as an instrument in Cakewalk by BandLab and Studio One 3. I was hoping to use the Patchwork configuration in a live setting, i.e., church, without having to use a DAW to run multiple instances of the Triton VSTi in combination mode, and other VSTIs, each set to receive different midi channels. Hopefully Korg will release an update soon.
  11. I thought about doing this but the problem that I see is not being able to open the GUI to change the midi channel of each instance inserted to receive to Program Change messages. I did notify Korg and they were able to reproduce the problem and hopefully will release a patch update for it soon.
  12. SO!!! I've come across an issue with the Korg Triton VST plugin's GUI not opening up when used inside Blue Cat's Patchwork (virtual patchbay). I've tried it in the "Pre", "Parallel Chain" and "Post" slots with no luck. The first patch in the VST will play but there's no way to change it since the GUI will no open. Has anyone else by chance come across this same problem?
  13. I purchased the VSTi and I comes with all of the expansion presets but not the "MOSS sounds".
  14. After taking another look, it looks like the plug-in wasn't authorized after all. You two are geniuses. Thanks!!!
  15. I've authorized the plug-in which is why I'm at at lost for the behavior that I've been experiencing. Guess I'll have to look for another reverb to use in my other applications.
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