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  1. 2 hours ago, Chris Deveroux said:

    No antivirus to disable.

    This is an issue with Cakewalk and Plugin Alliance/Brainworx. Everything worked prior to the first early access release. The plugins are correctly authorized to my system and the preset files are stored locally on my C drive so antivirus shouldn't come into play.  

    For anyone coming in late or following along here are the two issues. 

    First - Previous instances of the plugins in projects saved in version are now failing to load/missing.

    Second - Reinserting a new instance of the plugin works, however local preset files cannot be loaded.

    Here are the 4 plugins that are affected if anyone else would like to try to confirm on their system: bx_cleansweep V2, bx_solo, bx_meter and bx_stereomaker

    I use the plug-in menu save sometimes, but I save to a folder with subs for different plugins/vendors. You will not loose presets this way! Nothing like after the fact suggestions. Sorry. Did you modify the preset very much?

  2. 10 hours ago, msmcleod said:

    The issue is than you're using a network path - why this causes an issue, I'm not sure - we'll investigate further.

    For the meantime, I suggest mapping a drive to \\PLATINUM_STUDIO\! Wave\

    So in Windows Explorer:
    1.  Navigate to \\PLATINUM_STUDIO 
    2. Right click on the "! Wave" directory, and choose "Map network drive" then choose a drive letter (e.g. P:  )
    3. From then on, access your project as P:\Brian Sherwood\Step by Step.... etc.  You may also wish to change your Project Files location within Preferences to P:\Brian Sherwood.

    FWIW - this isn't a regression in 2023.09... I get the same behaviour in 2022.11 if I use a UNC path (e.g. \\MYSHARE\ )

    I guess what threw me off was that the file really is local! I'm not sure how the \\ got in the wave file path. I didn't even notice this. I think I opened it up remotely and the path name stuck.  Thanks again!

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  3. I am getting a very odd save error. I always use save as. When I try save as, I choose an incremented number like song 01, song 02. With this new version, I get odd errors. I used save as 4 times the file never got saved. I get a new directory with the file name in it each time, but no .cwp ????  Cakewalk says there is already a file by this name. If I answer no. The directory seems to already be written. When I say yes get the "Blue title bar error.

    You can see the created folders in error 6

    Save with same name reply yes - error 5

    Am I the only one that can't to save as? This has happened on 3 different songs.

    I could do a video if i need to. Please help!





    save error 6 file directory.jpg

    save error 5.jpg

    save error 4.jpg

    save error 3.jpg

    save error 2.jpg

    save error.jpg

  4. Shortcuts -

    I have used cakewalk shortcuts to reprogram program Markers menu which is = Press Alt+Shift+4  to  = Shift+m

    Adding Markers is by pressing the key m

    Markers are a great way to move very quickly through a long recording. While you are recording, you can press the letter "m". What happens is that Cakewalk will place a marker at the exact point when you press "m". The timeline ruler will have a marker titled A1. When you press m again, you will get another titled A2, etc. You can use the marker menu pull down (JPG Markers Dialogue) to immediately jump to that time. The markers are stored and can be managed by the key combination of Alt+Shift+4 or reprogram to "Shift"+"m".  Either way, you get the Markers menu (JPG Markers Menu) You can erase and rename markers from here. You can also use this menu to move between markers by simply clicking the name. Once you have finished getting the markers learned, there is also arranger tracks. Arranger tracks kind of serve some of the same functions but also add some other features.


    EDIT->I left out this part talking about Jotter - Jotter allows  location points in audio without the need for a marker track. (The marker track is free LOL!)

    Markers Dialogue.jpg

    Markers Menu.jpg

  5. I remembers one last things that should help.  If you line up your tracks and rewind for the next take, there is no way to make areas in the recording to go back to and edit.  Nugen is a more pro site. Their plugins are super 


    Waves WLM plus is a great option if you could find it for $29 I it has great LUFS meter,(long term and short term LUFS  It also includes a true peak limiters and a dynamic range section. It is very good especially if you could find it for $29. You would have to wait till the next sale. They should have one starting pretty soon lol!!

    Oh wow I found it on sale!


    (It’s almost always on sale) lol 😂 

  6. If you look closely, you will see that the Evade is in fact a VST3. The secret is in the logo in front of the name. One has a 3 in it. The other looks like a single pole electric socket plugin. Look at the logo in front of your plugins and your photoshop. None of mine have a VST3 or a (64bit) on them. Only the tiny logo is different. 

          "3"    v     (a tiny little 3 in the header)


      vst2    ^


    You can double-click any plugin in the plugin manager and name it whatever you want. A plugin installer can also name the plugin what ever it wants to on installation.

  7. If bitfilppers suggestion does not work for you ->

    I had a song that I could never pinpoint the plugin causing the crash on export. My workaround was to take the final bus and add a send to an AUX track. I then recorded the AUX. Next, I opened the \audio folder and just copied the .wav to my song play folder. Not a great option, but it does work. It would be good to know what plugin is causing your crash.  

    It would be good to report this to cakewalk. If it has a dump file, it should be here->

    C:\Users\xxxxxxxxx\AppData\Roaming\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core\MiniDumps

    (Replace xxxxx with your computer login name)


    Submit a ticket here->

  8. I figured out it was plugins causing the problem.  I’m still not sure why. I was unable to pin the problem on any single plug-in. Some plugins were set to over sample and some were not. Just for a test I turned over sampling  on for all the plugins. My results were reverse from what I thought it would be. With over sampling turned on for the whole chain, the deviation was less. Go figure ?!?!?! Come to think about it ??? The error seemed to be 1/2 what it was before? Now I’m really confused. 🤔

  9. I was going to say to lock the clips. That is a great way to protect them some. I like folders better than hiding clips. That way all of the other tracks are only one click away. There are several ways to level the different take.  First, you should use the volume to adjust them as close as you can. Some people use compressors and limiters to help level audio. These are good, but my favorite plugins are an all in one solution. There are many on the market. Some of my favorite are Waves MV2 and Vocal Rider (these two can be used together) or WA Productions Outlaw. Be sure to check out the deals forum before you buy any plugins! Outlaw will let you set a LUFS range which might be a plus later on.

    There are some good tools built into the cakewalk pro channel as well.

    Others -

    Waves - playlist rider

    Plugin alliance - Master Desk, Master Desk pro

    Sonible - Smart Limit

    Hornet Audio - several inexpensive gain rider plugins


    You should probably look at Outlaw 1st!


    Good luck with your project. There is plenty of good help here. 



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