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  1. Ah yea, ok, that's nice! Strange that I totally forgot about that, haha. Didn't need so much this feature before. Thank you 2!
  2. Scook thank you! It works fine with my old WaveLab 6! You saved me a lot of pain, becoz the material i'm on right now has a lot of unwanted clicks that i can now fix in WaveLab faster then it would take in Cakewalk!
  3. msmcleod thank you! That will do the work some more easier for me with connection of my WaveLab! Didn't know that was possible. However, It's kinda sad that audio wise all DAWs are weak as f**k. Still wish to see some of the requested functionality in my favorite DAW! Through the years I saw a lot of changes, and how Cakewalk was leading in progress, so keep up the awesome work and hope you doin well!
  4. Hi everyone! Greetings from South-Russia! I'm new here to the forum, so gotta say somethin bout me, to let u know i'm using Cakewalk for more then 20 years, since the version of Cakewalk 3.0 Professional in the 90's! Worked on other DAWs aswell, like ProTools, Cubase, Logic, FL, Reaper and got a lot of experience as an audio-engineer! So yes, dear Cakewalk team, please take my request serious! I like your DAW, and find it is or was at least the top of the list! However in most common things I do all the time in my recordings, there could be an improvement for more ease usability! 1. There could be a waveform zoom on audio clips to zoom-in in silent passages. Instead I have to cut out these silent passages, copy on other track, then normalize to see clearly whats there, and do adjustments on the original track.... That's kinda sad. 2. There should be a waveform-pencil-tool just to quickly draw over and fix an annoying click in the recording. And this feature should be available directly on audioclips, not in the audio-editor, which is pretty.... don't know really what for it is, with that functionality.... it's pretty lame, and nothing good for. 3. When you heavily zoom-in on any axis, like to see every single waveform-sample, and try to scroll left, right or up and down, the scrolling process goes just to wild!!! You literary fly over to places you don't want to... how's that??? So hard to implement an adoptive to the zoom-stage scroller? As you see, working with audio is pretty much pain in the a** in all of the DAWs, as they all think, they aren't audio-editors. You could be better at this, and be clearly the best for me! Thanks for your attention and my favorite DAW! You guys are awesome!
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