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  1. Thanks a bunch! Will look into it. But by reading the linked-thread, sounds above my paygrade
  2. Hey there scook! Thanks! It works. Still sucks that input and output have to be same interface (monitoring from my guitar amp )... But much easier than plugging and unplugging! Any way to bypass the ASIO specs? Pushing my luck here? Thanks again!
  3. Hey guys, I'm using Focusrite as my main interface. I also use a Yamaha THR Guitar Amp (usb line into computer). But Cakewalk refuses to recognize the TWO AUDIO inputs at the same time. The THR is indicated in the audio preferences, but unable to click it. I have to physically unplug the Focusrite (means i lose my monitors) in order to use my THR amp. (BTW, I have the option to use my THR amp as a... MIDI input??) See attached pix (in French) Any solutions? Thank you all!
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