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  1. I agree, I could have left the x86 vredist versions installed, but I wanted to make sure they were not conflicting with the same x64 versions. They came from some old games I don't play anymore, so I really don't mind. I don't have the exact screenshot of the error that happens when clicking a Midi FX while a project is open, but I can share the similar one that pops-up while loading. Thanks again for your help, but the cakewalk discovery journey ends here for me. Like I said before, "life just should not be this hard".. The recent update not installing automatically, did not help restore faith either. Cakewalk is just not the DAW for me. To be complete, I did do the regsvr32.exe thing, even un-installed before installing after moving. And also Run as Administrator. regsvr32 /u /s Arpeggiator.dll regsvr32 /u /s ChordAnalyzer.dll regsvr32 /u /s EchoDelay.dll regsvr32 /u /s EventFilter.dll regsvr32 /u /s Quantize.dll regsvr32 /u /s TcMfxSustainFix64.dll regsvr32 /u /s Transpose.dll regsvr32 /u /s Velocity.dll regsvr32 /s Arpeggiator.dll regsvr32 /s ChordAnalyzer.dll regsvr32 /s EchoDelay.dll regsvr32 /s EventFilter.dll regsvr32 /s Quantize.dll regsvr32 /s TcMfxSustainFix64.dll regsvr32 /s Transpose.dll regsvr32 /s Velocity.dll
  2. Hi LarsF, I wanted to mark your sticky tape holding the key down as best answer, but I can't find how to do that on this forum. About that. I noted I only need the tape trick for the "SI Intruments suite" (installed as add-on). The TSS-1 has a working sustain pedal without it. Don't know why, but it does. Anyway, as for the MIDI FX dll's problem, I just give up. Things I have tried so far: * Disable UAC * Move this plugin folder from to C:\Program Files\etc to C:\ * Reinstall the vcredist 2013 version * Remove all present vcredist x86 versions * Install Sysinternals Process Monitor * See what's going in Process Monitor on when I click any MIDI effect. * Completely reinstalled Cakewalk from scratch The Proces Monitor output showed that the midi fx dll's are loaded in the stack. It's just when they are clicked, cakewalk is running something called nullproxy.dll. I have no clue how to troubleshoot that further. I'm guessing the DLL installation is fine (otherwise they would not load). It's just something in Cakewalk preventing them from being called when they are added to a track. The cakewalk uninstaller doesn't seem to uninstall much by the way. I found a lot of remaining registry keys and folders, both in program files and my user profile. So after 5 late nights of troubleshooting, I finally decided to quit and continue with Studio One 4 and just upgrade to version 5 (which now includes VST support). Thank you for all your help. I hope it will be the solution for someone else.
  3. That is a brilliant and creative fix! I'm still evaluating FL Studio and Studio One, but I might just come back to Cakewalk now. If only I can fix the MIDI FX plugins again.. Funny thing is, I had it working for a few minutes, but then my audio interface disconnected and I never got them back. If I find the Windows cause, I will share it here. I just want a midi piano that sounds good without having to pay a lot just for VST Plugin support or features I don't need (yet).
  4. To follow up, there is a MIDI FX plugin that will fix it at http://www.tencrazy.com/gadgets/mfx/TcMfxSustainFix64-40.zip But now I found out that none of my MIDI FX plugins are working in Cakewalk? They all say they "this plug-in is missing or improperly installed on your system" (Windows 10), even after doing : regsvr32 TcMfxSustainFix64.dll as administrator. I give up for now. Life should not be this hard..
  5. Hi, I am new to Cakewalk and I like it a lot. My setup is this: An old Roland Piano 4500 with midi out Presonus Audiobox iTwo with USB out. Headphone connected to the Presonus Audiobox. The problem I can not seem to solve however, is that I do not hear the sustain pedal when I'm playing. It does however get recorded and it is working fine when I play back a recording. I have tried many things I have found about sustain pedals on this forum, including testing the CC commands with MIDI-OX. A screenshot is attached to this post. I'm also trying out FL studio 20 and I have used Studio One Artist 4 in the past. The sustain pedal works fine in those DAW's. What am I doing wrong? As someone else said on this forum. Playing the piano without sustain, feels like playing guitar with a sock tied around the neck Regards, Alrik. -- edit Reading back my own post, it must be related to the "CC: All Notes Off" signal. That's the only explanation that makes sense. Now to find a solution for that.
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