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  1. Hi! It's been a while. So I was able to revive the original project I was working on, and it's been opening without having to start it on safe mode It's been great so far. Thanks for all your help!! I do have a question though: my older projects (aka those that I created during and before the problem began happening) still don't want to open. Can I be assured that this problem will only stay these older files, and will no longer happen from now on starting with my revived project (as long as I install my plugins correctly)? And how will I know in the future if a VST3 version of a plugin is being problematic again?
  2. Here are my plugin paths. I made a new troubleshooting file that only contains Iota Mini instances (particularly those same ones I used in my project). Thank you so much for your help, will update this thread again whether i'm successful or not. PS I also disabled the VST3 versions of the plugin
  3. I apologize for being such a mess 😅 here it is. Also update on the new project with the copy+pasted tracks: it's been 9 hours and it doesn't want to open again I'll try out your suggestion here as Plan B. And I'll also take notes from that video. I'll update you once I get it all done. _09082020_204315.dmp
  4. Just copy+pasted the old tracks onto the new project and opened it four times, four times in a row did it run smoothly. I'll see if opening this later gives me any trouble again.
  5. C:\Users\Alex Amansec\App Data\Roaming\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core\MiniDumps\_09082020_204315.dmp By the way, 9 hours since I last opened it and more than a day since I created the new project, it still opens and all instances (Iota Mini and LABS) make sound. I'll try your suggestion of copy+pasting the tracks. Though does this mean for every time I begin a new project or download a new plugin/VST that gives me trouble, I'll have to repeat the following steps again?
  6. Okay, 16 hours now since I've last opened the new project and it now opened with no problem so far, but let's be realistic and wait until tomorrow. My older projects still don't want to open though. I'll be trying these steps next when I get the opportunity soon and will report back here with the results.
  7. Okay I'm trying this first right now... although in the plugin manager I found the instruments causing trouble under "show enabled." I excluded all Iota Minis + LABS anyway. May I just ask what do you mean by add 4 instances of Iota Mini? I'm so sorry, not much of a techy person haha 😅 P.S. I added one midi track each for Iota Mini and LABS. Closed and opened the project twice it worked fine. Will try opening it again in a couple of hours to see if it holds up
  8. Hi again, sorry for the late reply. Thank you for providing these comprehensive answers. Though I'll be a bit busy today with other matters so I'll report back to you regarding the results a bit later. But I definitely will be trying these.
  9. There were 7 VSTs it asked me about, here is the result of my troubleshooting: ("ok" meaning it opens and works while "not ok" meaning it closes immediately) Ample Bass Lite II - ok LABS - not ok Iota Mini - not ok Iota Mini - not ok Iota Mini - ok Iota Mini - not ok GroovePlayer - ok So I take that I'll have to reinstall those that are "not ok"? By the way, this pop-up also came up when I said Yes to one of the Iota Mini VSTs, I forgot which one. Does this give any further info on what may be causing the problem and how I can stop it from happening again? Pardon the dry-looking tracklist in the background lol.
  10. Link to my post yesterday. The shift-key solution suggested a day ago worked pretty well, my projects opened smoothly, no pop up or lack of sound or whatever. But just now, the problem is at it again and this pop-up appears when I try to open it. And it's even worse When I press Yes to All, the program closes itself again. When I press No to All, the program opens, but all the MIDI tracks I already programmed/made don't make a sound. Note that when I add new tracks though, they still make sound. But I don't want to start from square one, and have this problem roll around again the next day. It seems like a VST/plugin problem considering the way my projects open when I choose No to All in the pop -up. But I want to know, what on earth screws up in the system when I open projects some time after working with them? I opened this project twice yesterday (1 PM, 11 PM) and there was no issue, but more than 18 hours later (right now it's 6 PM) it's stubborn again. This is so frustrating. I don't want to do this every time I want to work on my projects.
  11. Alright, I thought this wouldn't work because this is what I also tried earlier with no success. Maybe I did something wrong earlier because I tried it again and it worked! Thanks so much!
  12. This is my third time asking a question here in the past three days lol. Anyway, the last time I touched my most recent project was late afternoon yesterday. Everything was fine. Today though, when I try to open it, I get the notif on my lower right screen saying that the project opened successfully, then, a second later, the program closes on its own. Attached is a screenshot of the last thing I see before it closes. No error message or anything. When I try opening a new project, it works fine and doesn't crash. But I need to continue working on my latest (and first) song. Anyone have any insight on how to fix this? PS If it's worth anything, Windows installed a few updates the night before.
  13. Hey, it's you again! Thanks for your help the last time. I did what you said here and it worked you are god-sent. Thank you again!!!
  14. The track in the green circle is how I want things to be, but the ones in the red circles are, for some reason, split into bars. I can't extend and loop them as easily and have to copy + paste my way through everything. The one in the green circle's done in step sequencer, by the way. The red ones are done in the piano roll. I'm a newbie, so please tell me if I'm mistaken here and this is really just the way things work. Thanks!
  15. Okay, I think I managed to fix the headphone problem. I just had to go to Realtek Audio Console and adjusted this setting (see attached). Everything is working as it should now Thanks for your help!!
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