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  1. Are there specifics to creating a file with 64+ tracks (instruments) for an orchestral production file using EastWest Hollywood Orchestra Diamond Collection (local not cloud) without overloading the system with instances of EastWest Play (e.g. with Kontakt I can create 16 tracks per instance of of the Kontakt Player to keep the load low). With EastWest, I'm at a loss as to the details of setting this up. I've received instructions that are too general to set up the file, as in no information on how to set up each track or the mixer in one instance of EastWest Player. Is there a step by step (leaving nothing out) process for this that goes beyond the first instance and first 16 channels which all the recommendations include? My system has 64Gb Ram, 8 core i7 processor and SSD drives with plenty of space. I 'upgraded' to Cakewalk BandLab from Cakewalk Platinum.
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