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  1. I would like to test it out before going for another solution.
  2. The headset microphone is recognized by cakewalk as its own audio track. I want to add a sound played by the VLC player in cakewalk as another audio track, mix both and output via the master. How can I do this without using an audio interface?
  3. Thanks for your answer. Now Another question has arisen: If I watch a youtube file via the browser and play a piece of music with the VLC player at the same time, then both audio signals overlap in Windows, i.e. you hear both at the same time. Is there a possibility to separate the audio signals in Cakewalk with separate audio tracks using a VST-plugin (or any other software) or to assign the audio signals to separate audio tracks ? If I assign the audio signals in Focusrite Control, it is possible to switch between loopback 1-2 and loopback 2-3 and assign them to the individual audio tracks in Cakewalk. But this is not what I am looking for. My aim is to separate the audio signals in Cakewalk and leave only one loopback setting in Focusrite Control. It's not about the simple solution of stopping the audio from the VLC player or youtube video using the stop or pause function available there. Is there a solution for this ?
  4. Thank you very much for your answer. In this context I have a deeper question: How can I record audio streams like youtube or desktop audio in cakewalk ? I do not mean the file import function from the file menu. I want to process the recorded audio stream via loopback.
  5. In Cakewalk, Scarlet 4i4 loopback function does not assign an active audio file to an audio track. The audio file is not recognized. The same applies to audio files from the web browser (e.g. YouTube). The loopback function only works with the audio track for the microphone. I used the Asio drivers from Focusrite. Settings in Cakewalk: Audio track for the microphone: IN: Left Focusrite USB ASIO Input 1 OUT: Master Audio track for loopback: IN: Stereo Focusrite USB ASIO Loop 1 OUT: Master Settings in Focusrite Control (Scarlett 4i4 audio interface): Loopback 1-2: Playback 1-2, not muted Line Outputs 3 - 4: Custom Mix, not muted Monitor Outputs 1 - 2: Custom Mix, not muted When I use MME as my driver, active audio files and audio files from the web browser (e.g. YouTube) are recognized, but not the Focusrite Scarlet 4i4. And this is not my goal. I've tried dozens of settings in Focusrite Control and Cakewalk and I can't get the hang of it. Who can help me here?
  6. How can I loop through an audio input signal from a microphone which becomes in cakewalk modified by equalizer to audio signal output without recording it ?
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