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  1. When I seen this, I thought to myself Fleer is going to be all over this like a fat kid on a cup cake. I remember back on the old forums when Adaptiverb was released, all your oohing and aaring and rapturous enthusiasm for the plugin. I managed to resist for a while, but your love and enthusiastic commentary never waned, so I gave in and purchased it. Wrong move, I tinkered with it for a time, but being a simple guitarist, it was just a little to funky for me. It sat there in my plugin folder for a few years, , only having a tinker every now and then, but that's all. Then one day I saw a post on KVR's Buy and Sell, someone looking for it, contacted them, done deal, lesson learned. I'm just a simple man With simple needs and following Fleer Will ensure it bleeds
  2. Did you also notice that with the Telecaster, they got the T's backwards? Just a little fact that most don't notice.
  3. Everything is normal here. Best keep it to yourself, otherwise everyone will want one 😉
  4. You don't want any review you may get from the Coffee House inhabitants, and the Coffee House ain't like most forums, or perhaps it is
  5. That's some sweet reverberation for a sweet price, I'd buy them all again if I didn't already have multiple copies already.
  6. There was Purging before, then Straummy suggested a different method, then there was more purging, then POOF!!!, POOF!!! I say. Then there was nothing, the purging was complete. Thank you for the damage control. @kennywtelejazz you still here my man, or have you been a victim of the purging?
  7. Rule 16, Subsection B2. No deal shall be deemed expired without the express authority of cclarry. Punishment for any infringement of Rule 16, Subsection B2, shall be 'no deal for you'
  8. Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play???
  9. but the last few seconds made up for it, wish that went longer
  10. and it's only a little over 4 minutes, the rest is replays
  11. Fret Flintstone

    Waves Tune $26

    Any minute now . . .
  12. One down one to go, bayoubill. As to craigb's list, and those that trickled in after, I was mainly thinking about those who made the jump to the new World, and hung around. Many of those like Sharke never made it across AFAIK, at least 2 are in the group that are the source of the woes, and then there are the ones that have been MIA for years. You never know who is here under a different handle.
  13. That is a shame. All the best to you and yours, stay well.
  14. @bayoubill - hasn't been seen since April 12. Has he passed from this mortal coil? He didn't try to stuff a whole Quarter Pounder down his feeding tube did he? @Shane_B - hasn't been seen since April 15. The similarities between this forum and Communist China didn't wear him down did it? The people want to know.
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