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  1. So I'm in the process of a clean install on a laptop, and when trying to install some of the legacy Cakewalk plugs (Concrete Limiter, some of the old Overloud FX, some of the old 30th Anniversary packs, etc) I get a pop-up saying: "Cannot locate the required version of the program on this system. Please install the correct version of the program to use this pack." Do I really have to install my old Sonar Platinum just to get Cakewalk by Bandlab to recognize older plugins? That seems unnecessary. I haven't used or opened Platinum in years and didn't want to bother installing it since it's not used for anything. Is there any way around this?
  2. So.... For those with this same issue, here is what I found that worked. When I originally uninstalled Bandlab Assistant there were two versions showing in the "Apps" list in Windows 10. Bandlab Assistant 5.6.xxxxx Bandlab Assistant 6.xxxxxx Can't remember the exact version numbers. I uninstalled the most recent one that was on my system. Version 6.xxxx. I then tried to uninstall the older 5.6.xxxx version but could not, because it kept giving me an error message that it couldn't locate the file, but it was still showing in the "Apps" list and I couldn't get rid of it. Finally, it dawned on me that there may be some type of residual left over stuff in the registry. I used the program "Ccleaner" and it's uninstall feature to delete BLA from the "Apps" list and it removed whatever was left over in the registry and VOILA, I was able to install the latest BLA version. Hopefully that helps someone who may be having the same issues.
  3. Because it is required to update, unless you know a workaround that I am unaware of. I would love it if you do. Btw, I am trying to update to 2010.09. So I can't do the Early Access as it requires the last full update which would be 2010.09.
  4. For clarification, I am talking about the downloaded installer from the website. I am trying to install the version that I downloaded from the website because the "Update" button was not working through Bandlab Assistant. Nothing is working. I have tried uninstalling the old version and that has not worked either. So I am basically stuck to where I can no longer update Cakewalk b/c the Bandlab Assistant app is not functioning properly and will not even install anymore. The installer just gets stuck indefinitely at the point shown in the attached photo.
  5. Bandlab Assistant wasn't updating Cakewalk Tried to update BLA with "Update" button, didn't work Tried to uninstall and update with manual download from website Installation just hangs indefinitely with green progress bar at about 25% I don't know why Bandlab Assistant hasn't been ditched b/c there seems to be consistent issues with it, but has anybody else had this particular problem and figured out a solution or workaround???
  6. In the past, when you would zoom in or out the focus would be centered around the selected track. This doesn't seem to be working anymore. Now when I zoom in or out, the focus jumps to the very last track in the session. I don't know if something has been changed, and this is intended behavior or if this is a bug. It's very annoying and impractical though, especially in very large sessions with high track counts. Idk. I'm wondering if maybe I'm missing something, b/c this seems to have been happening for quite some time now.
  7. So I'm speeding up a song. I was using the Stretch to Tempo box in the Groove Clip section to set the clips to the new tempo. It was working fine at first. I simply highlight the clip, check Stretch to Tempo and input the original tempo of the clip in the Original Tempo box and everything matched up. Then something happened and I'm not sure what it is. Now it is as if something "broke" the functionality in the session. Now when I check Stretch to Tempo for the remaining audio clips in the project the waveform shifts as if it is matching up with the new tempo, but when played back it is playing at the old tempo even though the waveforms are visually matched up with the new tempo. I am going from 88 bpm to 101 bpm, so it is very obvious that the clips are shifting to match the new tempo. They are just not playing back that way. Very weird behavior. Not sure what happened here.
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