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  1. I did what everyone else did - tested every DAW I could find (including taking a harder look at the ones I already owned, like Reaper and Samplitude). None of them really measured up until I tried Cubase and its midi implementation. I'm pretty much 100% midi -- I honestly cannot remember the last time I pulled one of my mics out of the cabinet and fired them up to record something. And Cubase's midi implementation impressed me, and seemed both really intuitive and a cut above any other DAW.  I switched all my midi work over to Cubase 9.5 Pro and have been pretty happy with it. But for my key projects and my really successful compositions I always export the audio tracks, and then edit and do my final mixes in Cakewalk. Sounds very inefficient, but I adore Cakewalk's intuitive workflow for editing and mixing, and I can't live without ProChannel and its modules - the concrete limiter, console emulator, tape emulator, tube saturation modules, the style dials. Also, the recent changes and updates made by BandLab are great. It seems like a minor detail in the grand scheme of the DAW world, but I love being able to export a mix directly to my BandLab page - it's easy and fast, and because of this I will henceforth be using BandLab as my main location for showcasing and streaming my music. Which is pretty much why they added that functionality, I suppose.

    So while I do a lot of work in Cubase, I still consider myself a genuine Cakewalk user and hardly a day goes by that I don't fire it up and do something significant with it. And BandLab is definitely doing the right things in terms of development and support (both of the product and the community) to keep Cakewalk as part of my overall workflow. 

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