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  1. I think that sounds pretty damn good! The playing is tight, of course, and its a great piece of music. But I'm really astonished at how good the little Behringer digital mixer sounds. The whole recording has a super-polished sound to it.

    Nice bass solo, by the way :)

  2. Thanks folks. Tried those things, but no luck.

    Odd. They worked flawlessly the first night. 

    For what it’s worth, we had a thunder storm here the previous night and it seems my PC has been acting a bit odd since then. Maybe that has something to do with it. Just my luck...

  3. Hi folks,

    Owners of 8Dio's Anthology (or Adagio) Strings instruments might want to check their inboxes for an upgrade code to their newest release. I got one yesterday that gave me 48 hours to download the latest edition of Anthology Strings, and I think it might be the updated version that fixes an issue I was having with Kontakt 6 and the Anthology GUI. 

    I'm not actually completely sure about that, mind you, as I find 8Dio's update methodology to be a bit obscure (not to mention their product naming and packaging schemes), and I am still downloading the current edition and haven't tried it out yet. This new version seems to have a bunch of new patches and additional content, and has been named "The New Adagio Bundle - Anthology Strings", which I think is a different name from the original Anthology Strings.

    I won't likely get a chance to take a look at it for a day or two, due to busyness, so I figured I'd give folks a heads up on the 48 hour deadline, in case this arrived in their spam folders or something. 



  4. 15 hours ago, cclarry said:

    Well, here we are a week later and nothing...😥

    I'm not exactly thrilled with IK myself, at the moment. I finally figured out the (unnecessarily convoluted) process for getting the Tape plugins into Try mode, and they worked great the first night. Tried them again tonight (a day and a half later), and for whatever reason they are in demo mode, and keep asking me if I want to Try or Buy when I load them up. But I can't seem to get them back into Try mode, and so they have that intermittent white noise thing every 30 seconds or whatever, and it is really irritating.

    But when I go into my Custom Shop account, they are showing as on a 15 day trial mode.

    But they aren't. Or maybe they are, I have no idea. Maybe they don't mean 15 days all in a row! I have no idea, but I'm not buying these until I can give them a good try, and I can't give them a good try if I can't get them into the Try mode.

  5. 15 minutes ago, mettelus said:

    Jeremy Soule did some of the Elder Scrolls scores and I believe he is exclusive to Guild Wars, but definitely no amateur, since he "has been described as the 'John Williams of video game music'"


    [Just read that through and he signed an exclusivity agreement with EverQuest... found that odd.]

    I believe his exclusivity agreement with EverQuest was for EverQuest Next, which was intended to be the sequel to EverQuest 2. It was cancelled in 2014.  I think his EQ work came to an end, at that point. 

  6. On 7/1/2019 at 1:18 PM, Peter - IK Multimedia said:

    The introductory pricing has been extended through July 15th!  So you have time to work out the kinks.

    Note that there should be a TRY button next to each  tape machine in Custom Shop that allows demoing.  For additional help with demoing IK products, please check out the FAQ at https://www.ikmultimedia.com/faq/index.php?id=798


    I am not seeing a "Try" button anywhere...?

  7. I like it, Bjorn. Hypnotic and mesmerizing. Nice mix, and the vocal components are well integrated and work really well for me. For whatever reason, small parts of it gave the same vibe as certain parts of the Kingdom of Heaven soundtrack -- the vocal work near the beginning in particular.  

  8. 1 hour ago, chris.r said:

    Bummer. Thanks guys. Do you have any favorites for that 'trailer' soundtrack drums instead?

    I have EastWest's Stormdrum 2 and the percussion section of Albion ONE at my disposal, if I'm looking for that sort of trailer drum sound. Those would be my first choices, and they'd do everything you need.

    I also own IK Multimedia Cinematic Percussion, Action Strikes, 8Dio's Epic Taiko and Epic Dhol libraries, and Drums of the Deep by Auddict. Any or all of those would do the job pretty well, also. I probably have more libraries like that, but I can't recall off the top of my head which ones.

    I hear good things about Strezov's Thunder X3M. I have the freebie version they gave away last year, and its got some nice stuff in it. There is also Drums of War 1 & 2 by Cinesamples. There is a ton of other libraries out there, too. Cinematic percussion of that sort has been in vogue for a while, I think.

  9. 48 minutes ago, chris.r said:

    is it happening at a regular case (always same move, click etc.) or just at random?

    For me, it happens within a few minutes of opening up the GUI and playing. Doesn't seem to be tied to any specific action beyond simply playing. BB crashes 100% of the time without fail, within a minute or two of launch. I have literally never had it open longer than, say, 3 mins.

    It's a common problem, happens on both Macs and PC, and  the "Learn" button workaround is effective for some but not all. Another dude on the Sonivox forums came up with the idea of copying the Midi Learn file to the desktop on his Mac, and it seemed to stop the problem for him. Not sure why that would matter, but it apparently works for some Mac users.

    The company acknowledged that there was an issue on their support forum, and said it would be referred to their dev team.  That was three years ago. Nothing since then. 

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  10. I'd be a bit wary of this particular package - the Orchestral Companion libraries have some nicely recorded samples but are quite dated in terms of interface and playability; and the Big Bang Cinematic Percussion has an issue with it's GUI that causes it to regularly crash for most folks. The GUI bug was acknowledged by Sonivox over three years ago, but was never fixed. Which is a shame -- there are some nice samples in the Big Bang Percussion. There is a workaround (enable Midi Learn Button), but it has never worked for me...

  11. I did. Same deal -- mine expire July 1st, also. I think someone last week mentioned on one of the Tape Machine threads that their Jam Points had expired. It was the first I'd heard of it.

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