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  1. thankyou did that and the arrow was highlighted but I still get the pencil. I tried changing to different tools but when I highlighted the cursor in the tools I still get the pencil 😡
  2. such a silly problem this, how does one get the cursor back in the piano roll? whenever I open piano roll my cursour changes to a pencil and I can't work out how to get the cursor back so I can select sections.😡 using CbB v2021.11
  3. I tried CbB but found no way to import or use my *.cwp files
  4. well thanks for all the wise cracks but I actually like using sonar 7. that can't be a sin surely. I tried bandlab but didn't like it. I would like to get to the bottom of why sonar 7 will not connect to and use coolsoft vms
  5. as title I'm running sonar 7 on windows 7 but I can never get sonar to connect to coolsoft vms. It's strange because I can get windows media player to use it fine.
  6. live bit

    legacy: sonar 7 updates

    thankyou for that link scook, I was looking everywhere and couldn't find it
  7. live bit

    legacy: sonar 7 updates

    I've got sonar 7 producer on windows 7 64bit and I'm trying to install the 7.0.2 update (SONARProducer702Patch.exe) but I get 'cannot locate the required version of the program on this system'. If I do help/about it says 'sonar 7 producer' and that's all. Do I need some other update before that? 7.0.1? I've been trawling google but can't find anything and I'm going round in circles. thanks for any help.
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