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  1. Thank you scook. Rebuilding the plugin inventory didn't help, but after you identified that it was the VCV Eurorack synth that the DLLs belonged to, uninstalling that synth and reinstalling it corrected the problem. Thanks again.
  2. Hello everyone, Not too long ago, I started getting a strange registry error after launching Cakewalk and when trying to insert a soft synth. If I just click Cancel, I can add soft synths. Sometimes it pops up again when trying to add another soft synth. I never explicitly installed anything called "VCV Bridge". I install and uninstall a lot of free soft synths so I'm not sure what caused this issue or how to get rid (remove) it. When I look in the folders, both files are there, so I presume something (Cakewalk? Windows?) doesn't like the registry entry mismatch. I'm not really sure what to do except the thing I don't want to do. Completely uninstall all my soft synths and Cakewalk and start all over. I have a ton of soft synths and a ton of audio plugins so that would be very painful. I have no problem editing the registry but I don't know what type of editing is needed. Thanks for any ideas.
  3. I tried the Hotfix. Unfortunately, it's still very buggy. Maybe even more buggy than it was. Although presets "sort of" seem to save, when I open them back up things like the labels are completely blank. Also switching between presets doesn't always change anything in the buttons, sliders, and rotary knobs displays. It's too buggy to use unfortunately. I think I'll only use a very simple custom preset that only sets the playback, stop, and record buttons on my keyboard. Those at least seem to consistently work. I'm not sure about this, however I think I noticed other bugs that weren't there before this release as well. Can you tell me how to uninstall this Hotfix and revert back to the latest release? Thanks.
  4. Thank you Heinz and azslow3. AZ Controller looks interesting, however It's probably more reading and configuring than I have time for to learn and implement it. I'm fairly certain I'm configuring Cakewalk correctly based on the documentation and YouTube videos I've found but I suppose I will go back and try it again but more carefully to make sure I'm doing things right.
  5. I'm noticing ACT still seems very buggy and has been for years but I would have hoped it was more stable now. It's not my controller because ACT behaves the same way with my M-Audio Axiom 61 keyboard and my Behringer BCF2000 motorized controller. First of all, it doesn't save the settings properly and then never reloads them when I restart Cakewalk. Very frustrating but I see there is some type of work-around mentioned earlier. I haven't tried that yet. Even after I set all the controllers for console view, and leave Cakewalk open but walk away or make any other changes, like even just change the focus of the controllers (like click on a VST synth) the controls stop working when I go back to the console (sliders and rotary knows) unless I spin or slide them again to have Cakewalk recognize them. This makes the Act controller useless for me. I don't know what other people have experienced. Although I've seen several YouTube videos (older ones) that should how ACT is supposed to work when setting controllers (for example, after you set a control and turn off the Learn Mode, a dialog box is supposed to pop up letting you know how many controls were changed. I never get this pop up dialog box. Does anyone actually have Cakewalk by Bandlab working perfectly with their controller using ACT? I would like to know if it's just me or something wrong with my settings but I can't imagine what. Thanks.
  6. Thank you so much! I had the same odd issue of the cursor not tracking beyond the screen width and didn't realize I had accidentally hit the Scroll Lock key on my keyboard. I would have never figured that one out.
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