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  1. Click the track view Options and go to Mouse Wheel Zoom Options

    There, change the Zoom factor for Vertical from 1 to 1.5 (or however you like - just higher than 1)

    Now it also zooms vertically when you zoom via ALT +  Mouse wheel.

    Unchecking the option "Simultaneous Vertical and Horizontal Zoom" also separates it so you can:

    ALT+Mouse Wheel  to zoom vertically and
    CTRL+ALT+Mouse Wheel to zoom horizontally

    I thought I might share this since I haven't found this anywhere else and there were only old topics that said it's just not possible to zoom vertically with Mouse Wheel.
    I saw it should work like this in the documentation and I was about to report it as a bug because it just wouldnt work with the standard Vertical Zoom factor of 1.

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