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  1. Here you can see settings I use to export
  2. The same issue with or without Fast Bounce...
  3. Hello guys! I have an issue with my musical composition export to wav format. Everything fine with playback, with export to MP3 or Flac format, but in wav I get in some places where are many instruments used getting an effect of "sound dip", no sound brightness, it's getting muffled in short moments... Do you have any ideas why only with wav format I get it?
  4. Most of synths I have have no channel choice option... Loom 2, for example... I guess I have no an other option as only multiply amount of instrument tracks...
  5. Hello everyone! I've created instrument track (synth) and two Midi tracks which are connected to this instrument track. I did it because every track contains different part of melody and I want to get different volume level and Pan on each... But when I change Volume or Pan level both tracks gets affected... Of course I can create two the same instrument tracks for both parts of melody to adjust them but it is extra CPU load. Can you suggest any other option to have option to make changes of volume and pan from console? Thanks
  6. I used Spitfire Labs VST in my project and TTS-1 doesn't work together. Every time after adding TTS-1 system get fatal error. As soon as I delete Spitfire Labs tracks everything works amazing... Around few days I spent to manipulate with both VST to understand what is wrong and still no answer. Unfortunately this free amazing tool is not usable for me... If someone found a real solution to this issue please give a detailed answer... Thanks in advance!
  7. Slavik

    Issue with piano roll

    The same as this guy described! On the beginning after installation of Cakewalk all was fine, and only after I started to explore Cakewalk or changed some setting or installed VST or drivers of my keyboard I got it... I do suffer so much without this animation... It's helps a lot... Please, please help me...
  8. Slavik

    Issue with piano roll

    Yes, I have the latest version as you mentioned... I have two laptops with Cakewalk, one I use with full size keyboard, second for records, so One of them everything show fine, but second, as I said doesn't...
  9. Slavik

    Issue with piano roll

    Hello! I have an issue with piano roll... I lost plenty of time to find a solution of the problem and nothing... When I play on my midi keyboard, piano roll vertical keyboard doesn't display key I pressed... I would be appreciated to get any idea how to change that settings. Many Thanks
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