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    Does CbB Support MPE?

    Wondering if anyone has played further with this? Roli's site says it's compatible with CbB but several people above say no? I just bought a ROLI Seaboard RISE 25 and was really wanting to be able to edit the MIDI if needed in CbB and also use some VST's from NI.
  2. Thanks. Mike from Creative Sauce got that squared away for me last night and I'm working fine now.
  3. I've installed Cakewalk, I've installed ASIO4ALL, and I can't get anything to play from Cakewalk. I load one of the demo projects, and when I play it I don't even get anything showing on the track levels inside the software. I had audio playing at one point yesterday but I don't know what changed. I have a Focusrite Scarlet Solo as my audio interface. I hate to uninstall everything and start over. Can anyone assist? I'm getting very frustrated.
  4. Robert, the 3rd video in this playlist is Private. Judging by the 4th video, it may have some of the installation help I need. I have Cakewalk installed, but can't seem to get it to play any of the sample projects, even though I have ASIO4ALL loaded and can hear audio through my Focusrite Solo interface. Do you have a video troubleshooting that?
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