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  1. Pretty sure you can't use these products on production music: https://cine-tools.com/licence/ In addition, “naked” or “isolated” samples, loops, cues are not to be sold or distributed as individually licensable “stripes”, “work parts” or “elements” and cannot be used to create tracks for Library Music
  2. So you get free products from APD and do not disclose this? Wherever you are based, you realise this is illegal in both Europe and the US? I know few people who will be interested to know this as there was always suspicions over your activity...
  3. I'm not talking about the freebies. I'm talking about how many free copies of deals (or just payments) @Fleerhas received from APD for his "enthusiastic" replies to their deals. There is not one APD thread that doesn't have a reply from Fleer. Its pretty clear he is either a puppet account or is being paid in some way by them. I would think a simple "I have never received any free products from APD" would clear it up, but it seems he's just hoping people will ignore this as he's not reply to this thread anymore which is pretty funny
  4. Have you ever received free products from APD @Fleer?
  5. Hey Fleer, have you ever got free products from APD by any chance? You seem to be pretty keen on them?
  6. Bought systems noise a few years back and its fairly whacky, like all of their stuff. But enjoyable
  7. Origin X at intro price of $149 instead of $299. Looks fairly meh like the rest of the Sample Logic stuff...
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