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  1. Thank you Treesha and Mark. I will give the advice a go and see what develops. I will start with disabling the controller. I don't have a problem with volume, so I'm good that way. My one non-Kontrol (BBC Spitfire Orchestra) library is playing notes that aren't there -- no notes on the page -- so I'm thinking maybe it's something to do with cakewalk. I'll also check out the NI forum, if things don't work out... or hire an exorcist to remove the evil spirits!
  2. Thank you all. This is starting to make sense. Treesha said to uncheck a setting and I am assuming it is the "Accept all notes off / all sounds off" that is in the controller part of the instrument options page (the wrench/gear)(see picture). If not, please advise what I should be switching off (I'm assuming "off" is when the patch is dark colored). Mark, I do use Kontrol as a single instrument -- the simplest way so far, but even with that I'm having these problems.
  3. I still can't find the wrench. Here is a picture what I am seeing. Thanks.
  4. Thanks treesh for the suggestions. Nothing has changed. It has a mind of it's own and sometimes it is playing notes that are not there in the score. It's the not-so-friendly ghost in the machine. I looked for the wrench... and I can't find it anywhere, but I vaguely recall see it. Where I don't know. Maybe I'll find it one day when I'm not in a pissed off mood and go calmly back to Kontrol. Thanks again!
  5. Hello, I have been at my wits end with Komplet Kontrol and Kontrol 6 plugins. The regular instruments (TTS-1, SI, Dimension LE, etc.) that come with Cakewalk all work wonderfully well and I never have any dread with them mis-performing. With the Native Instruments (Kontrol) that is all they do! Here is a list of my concerns: 1) Sometimes they (Kontrol) will play the midi notes and other times NOTHING! And I didn't touch any settings. They just have a mind of their own when they want to play. 2) Sometimes they (Kontrol) will not play imported midi lines, but if I write in a note prior to the imported midi line, it will be heard. The imported midi lines following that note will not be heard. 3) When I'm looking for the midi output on a Kontrol instrument it is impossible to find. That is very essential -- KRUCIAL! -- not the many different screens you have to wade through to find the output section. On top of that, it is even hard to find the right screen to get rid of that plugin. Too much useless information with small fonts hidden somewhere on a big screen amongst many screens. 4) Also if I bring in a library of sounds not by Komplet Kontrol (but using it as a host) it too will be plagued with these setbacks. So if someone can suggest any solutions that would be great. I am at the point where I'm really starting to hate these guys... especially now that their commercials are following me around. They have impressive commercials -- very sophisticated and professional looking state of the ART -- but the reality for me is quite the opposite. Thanks.
  6. Thanks -- that last bit of about "input mode being on" was what was needed. I also found that it doesn't work with TTS-1 only the synths in the synth category. But I'm grateful that it's working and it doesn't sound that bad.
  7. Thanks. I have the TAL but my first impression was that is was a bit cheesy . Poor sounding and temperamental at first, though I haven't explored it. I'll give it a go.
  8. I'm curious if it is possible to get the the Pentagon I in Cakewalk by Bandlab? I have the Square 1 in Sonar 7 Home Studio and have heard that it is like Pentagon I, but I don't know if it can be used as a vocoder like the Pentagon I. I've also read that you can go to the original site and download Sonar 3 which has it, but can't log in to the original site for some reason. Is there an easy way to get this synth? Thanks.
  9. I have download the latest drivers but I've noticed if I change to ASIO I get no sound whatsoever on anything. I have used the WASAPI but they were worse for latency. I would think if I get a mic sound I should get guitar -- but I don't. Thanks.
  10. Hello all, I have Cakewalk by Bandlab and am using the Focusrite Solo with it. I am able to record with the mic, but I can't get guitar sounds. My Focusrite nob is lighting up to show that it is receiving signal from the guitar, but nothing shows up in Bandlab. I have tried switching between the right, left and stereo channels of Focusrite but nothing works. I have read that people also have the same problem with Audacity and it came down to drivers. However, my MME drivers work on the mic section of Focusrite. If you can help that world be great. Thanks.
  11. Yes, I do have Home Studio 7 . However, you could have told me this info before I checked to see if I have a 64 bit version -- that could have saved time too. Anyway, thanks for your help.
  12. Thank you very much everybody. I have reinstalled Sonar 7 and the SI are back. There is only one version of Sonar on my disc and that is the 32 bit version. But I'm glad that I have my program operating again. The Bandlab Cakewalk is an excellent program -- almost unimaginable potential for free -- but there is some conflict and I will be working with it mostly for new music. Some things to figure out like the arrangement space above the measures bar line. It could be for a certain type of music perhaps. I'm sure about ripples and rewire or where are the overall solo/mute buttons -- if they exist -- and there is a lot to digest. But I'm very happy with it and can't conceive how Bandlab can make money by giving Cakewalk and samples away . Yes, there is a lot of free stuff on the net and the competitors of Cakewalk have affordable programs (all in the $100 mark) but giving it away is a mystery. It really is a wonderful program !
  13. Yes, my Sonar 7 is a 32 bit program. I'll have to see if I can reinstall it as a 64 bit version, if that option is given to me on the installation CD. Otherwise , I probably will just use Bandlab -- though I have to see if it opens Sonar files without anything going terribly amiss. Thanks.
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