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  1. Hi folks. I had to reinstall Cakewalk, in this turn updating it to the latest version (2020.09, Build 006, 64 Bit). Now suddenly all of my Waves Plugins are shown as being missing when opening a project in which they were used. Of course they are still installed. I tried to repair them, uninstall and reinstall them, delete the Cache in Waves Central, reinstall Waves Central - nothing helped. Strangely, when I delete them and restart Cakewalk it shows the notification of plugins having been deleted. When I reinstall them, new ones are added. So Cakewalk obviously scans and finds them. But I cannot see them in the list of plugins and they are not recognized by the projects. I wondered, if it might help to reset the Scan Options in VST Settings. But the documentation says, it will "remove all scanning records and settings from all your VST plug-ins". Does this mean, all presets in all VST plugins or the settings I made in my projects will be deleted? I wouldn't want to risk that.
  2. Hi, I've tried several ways, but I cannot manage to pan tracks which use Amplitube (4.9.1) to any side. I always get a centered mono signal in the end. It doesn't matter if Amplitube is set to Mono or Stereo. These are the ways I tried: 1. Getting Amplitube via Send from a bus, panning the Send-Pan and the Pan to the same side, then sending it to the Master 2. Using Amplitube directly as effect on the track, panning it and sending it to the Master bus 3. Using Amplitube directly as effect on the track, panning it and sending it to a Bus, panning it here again, and then sending it to the Master bus 4. Panning the unprocessed signal, sending it to a bus with Amplitube as effect, then sending it to the Master bus Even when the initial track's volume meter shows only the panned side, on the following bus I get a centered signal So I've got no chance to pan 2 guitars hard left/right. That's pretty frustrating. With other effects like the TH3 at least #4 works. I'm using Cakewalk 2020.05 with a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen. Do you have any solution ideas? Best regards! Sebastian
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