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  1. Issue Resolved. Stupidly forgot to plug in my Scarlet 2i2 before starting up cakewalk. Everything works perfectly now.
  2. Hi Teergarden, Yes, the Windows 10 update has been restarted for several weeks and I always keep on top of drivers. Regrads John
  3. Latest Version 2020.08. Just downloaded and updated my version of Cakewalk to 2020.08. Disaster! GUI loads OK as usual. I load my project and the hourglass icon stays on screen and whole program freezes. I am running on 64 bit Windows 10. 2004 the latest level of Windows. My machine is newly built with a Ryzen 9 CPU on an ASUS ROG STRIX X570 Gaming motherboard with 128GB RAM and 2x 1TB Sabrent PCIE 4.0 x4 SATA SSD's. As well as several 1TB conventional SATA drives. Any ideas please? Regards John
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