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  1. Thank you for the feedback! I followed you too! Nice tracks by the way!
  2. Hello to everyone! In this post I talked a little about myself and said that I was going to show you my work with Cakewalk, well... the time is now! If you like House music I hope you like this! This track led me to be chosen among the "5 new electronic music artists who should know" from MixMag Brasil magazine, so here I'm sharing with you! Link to MixMag Brasil: https://mixmag.com.br/feature/5-novos-artistas-da-musica-eletronica-que-voce-precisa-conhecer/ This track is entirely composed, elaborated, mixed and mastered with Cakewalk Listen it here! You can follow me on: MixCloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/john-noizz/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/JohnNoizz Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/johnnoizz/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/johnnoizzdj/ Thanks to everyone! And I will be glad to hear your feedback!
  3. Originally from Paraguay, now living in Brasilia - Brazil Greetings!
  4. I have to tell you, you're making a so much great work with this great DAW, Thank you to the Bakers and the team! Keep it up!
  5. Muy buenas compañero! Es siempre bienvenido todo tipo de ayuda y más aún cuando no hay mucho material en otros idiomas, por ejemplo, en español conozco muy pocos los que hacen tutoriales o reviews a fondo o cosas así sobre este grandioso DAW Cakewalk, generalmente lo dejan hasta cierto punto y no se llega a actualizar, una pena, y lo que genera muchas veces es que al final muchos de los usuarios no prueben el producto porque no manejan otros idiomas sobre todo el inglés que es el principal y ya saben adonde van todos después, no? Sé que aqui hay varios hispanohablantes que manejan el inglés muy bien y es por eso que utilizan software con soporte totalmente en inglés, cosa que para otros no es nada atractivo. Así que yo no veo el porqué no se podría hacer esto, es más, ojalá que esto crezca mas y mas porque al final de cuentas nosotros somo los beneficiados junto a Bandlab, nosotros por ayudarnos y Bandlab para que mas y mas personas alrededor del mundo utilicen Cakewalk. P.S.: sorry for the spanish wall of text!
  6. Cakewalk by Bandlab doesn't install the complete software if you already have installed, it just update the necessary without download the whole setup again, so, you MUST download thru Bandlab Assistant, but, today is your lucky day, the last Cakewalk update downloads the complete setup, and before the assistance erase it... well... I saved... Here you go! https://mega.nz/#!99QFRSRC!E90FksBShYRwi6MvHplhJUuQfDTnb9_A4HgK0auEJfw
  7. I almost forgot about the tip jar, I really like that Cakewalk mug! I agree with you, I always support the developers, but at the beginning it was difficult, luckily now the situation is different, for better! I am very grateful that the team in general continue with this great project, Cakewalk is one of the best and big pro software, alongside with the other DAWs of the market. Keep in that way! Yes indeed! I hope it never ends!
  8. Hello to everyone in Bandlab and the Cakewalk community! I don't know if someone already did it but I was thinking for quite some time in doing this post. First I'm going to make a summary of why I'm writing all this... I have been dj for more than 12 years and more than a year ago I decided to produce electronic music, but, there was a big obstacle in my way... MONEY... because I had just married and left my native country, it was all new for me and I had to start from scratch , unemployed and in a new country, I had that obstacle to start doing one of the things that I love most in music and wanted to share with people what I could give through the music, it was difficult because first I had to learn all about the DAW and secondly because almost all the big DAW have a very high price (not all of them), so, I started with LMMS, Ardour and Tracktion (the free version) doing some beats and learning on the way, and then something incredible happened, CAKEWALK BY BANDLAB CAME BACK AND NOW FOR FREE! I could not believe that such a powerful software was free and today, it even has a support and development team behind it!!! thanks to that, I was growing, improving and learning in the world of music production. Honestly I do not know how to thank you, only that even if you decide to do it right now not free, I would pay without problems (as long as the software has a price according to my wallet hahahaha) All this just to thank all of you for giving us, those who started from scratch and those who find it difficult to start in music production without a budget for it, this great opportunity to have a full, powerful, professional, huge and pretty good at what he does piece of software. Soon I will show you a little of what I am producing right now, my style is House, Progressive House, Tech House and Deep House. Bandlab and all the team... a big, very big, THANK YOU!!! P.s.: Sorry if it was not the place to post this.
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