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  1. i just realized that my snap feature is no longer working. Yes it is highlighted. Doesnt matter. I have to keep clicking til I get lucky to the beginning of the measure. I deselected and reselected it and still no good. Any ideas?
  2. I just re-did a song I recorded back in 1986. I retained the original guitar solo and vocal track and replaced the rest. The vocal has a high end bleed from the singer listening on a boom box while recording her voice. That high end squeal is driving me nuts. After I was finished, I opened the vocal in Spectralayers to remove a lot of the shrill high end stuff and sounds better. Am I able to import that audio into Cakewalk, kind of like "replace audio"? I would want to keep all of my Melodyne fixes and fx. Or, must I import and re-do the vocal edits from scratch?
  3. I did this by mistake one. The problem is that it never goes to the center. I exported the wave file, opened in Sound Forge (you can use any other audio program), copied the entire wave file on the left, pasted to the right, and now you have left and right. Save that and import it back into your project.
  4. I would put the head on the first beat of the first beat of the first bar where you want to start. Press Ctrl -A to select all. Then press S(?) to split. Then just select everything before the first beat and delete. It will all disappear and leave what you want.
  5. I have minimal issues with Cakewalk and I have used it since the 90s. I don’t use scripts so I don’t care about that. As far as Elasirique, you already figured out a great workaround that does what you need with the groove agent. So, not a problem. As for cut and paste, it works perfectly for me as long as I know which bar that the info begins at. Just click on that first measure and paste. I never tried to copy blank info before the data. I paid for Samplitude X3=Pro and had nothing but problems. More problems with X4 and more with x5. I uninstalled it all and stuck with Cakewalk the entire time. So, if there are a few bugs, find a workaround, which you already have, and just use it. If it is that bad, switch DAWs. You want my Samplitude license?
  6. If I am ever in the need of a vst instrument quickly, I just search for them on youtube and I can actually hear it in action. That's all anyone needs to do. There is usually a link to the vst in the description
  7. Thanks. Looking forward to watching. I didn't want to start in the middle.
  8. You must go into Windows Sounds app in control panel and choose your default audio player. I disabled my on board audio so there is no choice. Things get real screwy when using Focusrite with Cakewalk and then watching YouTube, then using Premiere. I would lose audio just by switching programs and had to jump through hoops to get it back. At least that was my experience with Focusrite. I have since bought a Steinberg and everything just works. Don’t know if it was Focusrite or me,
  9. Thanks. I wound up using Melodyne Essentials 4.x that was bundled with Samplitude that a bought a couple of years back.
  10. I updated to CW 2020.04 and when I open a project that included Melodyne, I am prompted to activate it. When I click the activate button, it brings me to a site that gives me the choice of entering a serial number, buy a license or switch to trial mode. Has this happened to anyone else? What can I do?
  11. Isn't he saying that even with the mic input set to 0, he is getting bleed? Wouldn't that be a problem with his audio interface? If no sound is going in at all, how can any sound get in?
  12. What made you ask this question? Wasn’t their an update last month? It isn’t like they disappeared. I wasn’t worried at all. That said, I also want to jump on the bandwagon and thank the Bandlab team for developing Cakewalk for free to its end users, that is incredibly generous. It made me abandon Samplitude Pro X3 a year after buying it.
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