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  1. I get this message when opening a couple of projects. Yet, I see that my master is outputting to my audio interface left and right channel. And everything sounds fine. Not sure why I see this.
  2. This was happening to me. I just clicked on Ctl key at the same time and the previous plug-in window stayed open.
  3. I’ve been where you are with other software. And just like you, I am heavily into video editing using AE, Premiere Pro, Vegas, etc and figured them all out on my own with the elf of some YT videos. But for some reason, I really wanted to move to Avid Media Composer a y years backs because everyone I knew in the business said that is what what’s used cutting most tv shows. I tried.i just couldn’t do it. So unintuitive. My posts sounded like yours, of course I usually wrote those posts at 1 am after striking out all night and ready to blow my house up to bits. I just decided not to use Avid. that said, stick with CW. I used it in the 99s when it was on a floppy disk. Luckily, it is free these days but is still the same stable software it always has been. There are many helpful people here. You just need to take a breath and rewrite your post. Give us exact step by step actions that you did. Take screen shots. Someone will help you through. I find it quite intuitive, unlike Avid Media Composer. Start a new empty project. Keep it simple. Insert a new audio track and just record your voice counting for 10 seconds. Insert an instrument track. Choose your vst instrument and record a few notes. If you are using real midi equipment, then you will need to insert a midi track so that it will play back your instrument. All you need is the above to start. Everything else that is more complex is built on the above. Good luck.
  4. Just to follow up, reinstalling everything fresh did not work, just as someone predicted. I’m just going to make a few changes, export it out a few times and hope I can stitch together one good version and be done with it. If I see this problem continue with outer projects, I will ditch CW but I don’t think it will. It worked for me rock solid for years until now. Thanks for any suggestions that were given.
  5. I decided to change one of the vst instruments to the Cakewalk Drums and it crashed CW both times. This is too unstable for me. I just did a complete uninstall of everything, including all registry keys. I am going to re-install since I never had any issues with CW in the 3 years I have been using it. If it continues to behave this way, I will switch back to samplitude.
  6. Is there a way to open two instances of cakewalk simultaneously? It would make dragging a track from one project to another much easier. I do this with After Effects all the time.
  7. I will try this when I get home tonight. Do all of the automations (volume and pan) get exported too? If not, that is going to take me days to get everything right again,
  8. Its not really a mute. It almost fizzles out for a brief second but never totally silent. And like I mentioned, it worked fine all last weekend, acted up toward the end. Then, a couple of days later, it worked totally fine all night. I figured the first time was a glitch and reinstalled my audio interface drivers. But then it returned for no reason after working for a day or two. So, I don't think one of the fx lost authorization or it wouldn't have worked those couple of days. Thanks for the suggestion though. I would not have thought of that.
  9. I am not sure what help you offered other than to replace the vst. If the answer is not to use the Serum vst instrument, then the project is gone. There are sounds in there that I have nowhere else. I will just get through this one by exporting multiple times and splicing together, which is far from ideal.
  10. This project was started from a basic empty template. Aside from a vocal track, the entire project is done using a few vst instruments. It would be hell to start over again. Is there a way to export the midi instrument tracks to a new project?
  11. Looks like no one has any ideas. I had to export the song out three times last night so I could cut them up to make one song without dropout. That was fun. I will just uninstall Cakewalk completely and re-install clean. After that, I have no ideas.
  12. Well, I added the three effects on the master bus back (Limiter, Compressor and EQ) and it played back all the way all night on Monday. I listened to the mix on various speakers and it wasn't so great. I just remixed and the problem is back again. I am not sure where to go from here. Obviously, all three effects, which never gave me a problem on any other project, work fine MOST of the time. No idea why they would not work SOME of the time. I am not doing anything different. I don't think it is anything in my project causing it because I solo'd a commercial recording as a reference track and the sound is fizzing out occasionally. The slight volume drop is completely at random times. I cannot reproduce it in the same spot ever. My biggest confusion is why this is happening while exporting. I can rule out my audio interface since it is only monotoring what is coming out of Cakewalk
  13. I clicked it back on. Oddly, all of my envelopes are working except on one track in the beginning. It is a synth that creeps up and the volume nodes are being ignored. ALl other tracks are working fine.
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