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  1. I just realized that I may be doing this wrong. I created a new stereo buss that I named Reverb. However, if I choose the Reverb bus as the output for the track I want to add reverb too, then the individual track fader has no effect. Am I able to get the original dry track and then add the every only buss to the mix? I feel like I am missing something simple.
  2. For $30, buy a wireless keyboard and mouse (logitech). Go walk over to your drums and press letter R to record. Press R again to stop. Press Home key to go to beginning. I do it all the time.
  3. Thanks everyone. I created a bus and names it reverb. I loaded a reverb on it. I then created a send to that bus and it worked. Thanks again. BTW, my Foster X15 was a cassette recorder, not a reel to reel.
  4. I have skated by for over 20 years by adding reverb to a track and that is what I got. I know there is a way to send the original signal out to a reverb so that only the reverb is on the track and I would be able to maintain the original signal on its original track and simply add the reverb in as I like, and maybe panned to only one side. I cannot figure this out. I added a stereo bus but when I send my track's output to that bus, I get the combined wet and dry signal. That is no better than using my Fostex X15 in 1984 playing my guitar though a reverb and recording it that way. What is the best way to do this? Thanks.
  5. This should be simple. I have done it plenty of times. I just did the other day on my son's dell where I cloned his original drive to the SSD. I went to the BIOS and told it to boot the SSD. SImple enough. You can access the Bios on most Dell computers by pressing F2. Once in the bios, you have to find the boot order. You can tell it which drive to boot first. There is a way to move it to the top of the list. If yours isnt booting to the new WIndows 10 drive, what is it doing? I did not read this entire thread but there wasnt much info in your post. What drive were you using before? is it still in the Dell so that you have two separate drives with OS on them? What happens if you remove the original drive so you only have an SSD drive?
  6. Wow! I just read all of the responses to my mean feedback. I missed all of this. I was not being a troll. You asked what you are doing wrong and I said it. I never said to give up or that you have no talent. All that matters is that you enjoy doing what you do. It is amazing to create something. That said, I wrote hundreds of songs and many of them down right are not good. Heck, the other night my old drummer and I were watching a live show we did in 1989 and we were laughing at how we looked and at the songs. How dare he laugh at my babies. But he is right. If I were watching us, I would be mocking us to an extent too.. We cannot listen to our stuff objectively. Its like thinking that everyone has a beautiful baby when some are downright ugly. No one is going to say it. And the baby really is beautiful to the parents. I can sing a bit and even when I auto tune it, it is on key but my voice is not all that pleasant to listen to. I know it. I am not offended by it. A voice is an instrument. Someone''s $25 guitar is not going to sound like someone else's $10,000 vintage strat. It doesn't mean you cannot improve and you may not even want to. Maybe I am wrong. Then again, I am not too fond of Bruce Springsteen's voice along with Neil Young and Bob Dylan, though I like their songs. It is all subjective. I am sorry I gave my honest opinion. I didn't mean to offend you but you might want to think twice about asking users in a public forum to critique you. If all you want to hear is how good you are, just ask your family and close friends. When I was in a band, I was the same with the other members. I would constantly tell the bass player and drummer what they were doing wrong. I would not settle for less that it could be. And if I can play their parts better than them, then they might not be the right one for my band. They got mad when I would stop a song every time I heard their mistake but in the end, they played them much better. Anyway, keep doing what you are doing. It makes you happy and you are creating something. I would concentrate on breathing technique. Best wishes.
  7. To me, it sounds like it is your technique. I am no pro singer but I am close to what you sound. Face it. We don't have that good a voice. Even when you (and I) are on key, it doesn't sound that good. You sound like you are not singing correctly regarding the breathing and that kind of thing. You also sound like you are slightly straining to hit the notes. But you are on key. However, as I have found out, being on key doesn.t make a singing voice a good one. It is very difficult to listen objectively without the music. Good luck.
  8. I was having this problem all the time with my Korg M1 and Roland Cloud vsti. They would reset back every time I closed and re-opened the project and I would have to guess which of the 1000+ patches I chose earlier. Then, I posted my woes on in the VST forum. I got some replies and then when I tried to re-create it, it never happened again. I have no idea why. Maybe you can read my thread from there. It was about a month ago. Good luck.
  9. I found a Projects Templates folder on another drive. I copied it to the folder that is in preferences and everything is back to normal. The only thing I do not understand is that CW still showed the project folder being in the roaming folder, so I do not think I ever moved that one. I should be ok. Did this happen to anyone else?
  10. The templates folder in the preferences is pointing to my AppData\Roaming Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core folder, though the Project templates folder is not in there. I think I see what happened. I just replaced my original Media drive that had many of the cakewalk folders on it. I am in the process of copying the old drive to the new so I will see if it appears when I am done. Will report back in a couple of hours.
  11. I just updated to 2019.05 Build 31 and I also lost all templates. I didn't create any custom templates but I liked the ones that were there (4 track, 16 track, etc). Is there a way to get these back?
  12. If it is a soft synth, Cant you simply solo the midi track and export to wave file? Should take a fre seconds.
  13. I purchased the unit in 2017 and the only drivers I had access to is 3.7.. A few months ago, their support tech remoted in and had me install version 3.7b, which had no real effect. Oddly, most projects play fine. I have one or two projects that I created in the last year that are full of weird sounds like tearing paper. It is possible that the project is messed up.
  14. I just updated BIOS from a Dec 2016 Beta version to one from 2018. Updated motherboard chipset drivers. I seem to have the latest Texas Instrument 1394 OHCI Compliant Host Contoller driver. I have a StarTech 3 Port 2b 1a 1394 PCI Express FireWire Card Adapter PEX1394B3. I cant find any drivers on their site and Update drivers from Device Mgr says I have the latest. I will play around for a while and see.
  15. I would rather keep my firewire because I know that it has better sustained throughput than usb but I think my unit is defective. The mixer interface always shows there is no device (the saffire unit itself) even when it is connected. I still have sound but the faders on the mixer do not function. I would go thunderbolt but I have an Asus ROG motherboard and the Focusrite support guy said they have an issue with Asus TB interfaces.
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