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  1. If I am ever in the need of a vst instrument quickly, I just search for them on youtube and I can actually hear it in action. That's all anyone needs to do. There is usually a link to the vst in the description
  2. Thanks. Looking forward to watching. I didn't want to start in the middle.
  3. You must go into Windows Sounds app in control panel and choose your default audio player. I disabled my on board audio so there is no choice. Things get real screwy when using Focusrite with Cakewalk and then watching YouTube, then using Premiere. I would lose audio just by switching programs and had to jump through hoops to get it back. At least that was my experience with Focusrite. I have since bought a Steinberg and everything just works. Don’t know if it was Focusrite or me,
  4. Thanks. I wound up using Melodyne Essentials 4.x that was bundled with Samplitude that a bought a couple of years back.
  5. I updated to CW 2020.04 and when I open a project that included Melodyne, I am prompted to activate it. When I click the activate button, it brings me to a site that gives me the choice of entering a serial number, buy a license or switch to trial mode. Has this happened to anyone else? What can I do?
  6. Isn't he saying that even with the mic input set to 0, he is getting bleed? Wouldn't that be a problem with his audio interface? If no sound is going in at all, how can any sound get in?
  7. What made you ask this question? Wasn’t their an update last month? It isn’t like they disappeared. I wasn’t worried at all. That said, I also want to jump on the bandwagon and thank the Bandlab team for developing Cakewalk for free to its end users, that is incredibly generous. It made me abandon Samplitude Pro X3 a year after buying it.
  8. Money isn’t an issue but I don’t want more than I need, I want to keep it somewhat simple so I would never need more than 4 ins at a time (and only if I were transferring original 4 track tap3) and 2 out. I went for the Steinberg UR44C because I wanted to go with usb 3.1 for faster speed. I didn’t realize that the Scarlett 3rd gen usb c is still using usb 2.0. I also noticed that Amazon can’t deliver for 2 -3 weeks. Sam Ash says it is in stock and will ship immediately. I’ll give it a try and if it isn’t stable, will look at one of the suggestions above. Thanks.
  9. Thanks. Will look into it. I just found out that Focusrite screwed up my replacement unit. My Scarlett was scheduled to be delivered to them today and then suddenly, it is on its way back to me because of the address. I simply printed out their own shipping label. SO, this will delay me another week or so. I have been without an audio interface for nearly two weeks already, So frustrating, This is after they had the wrong RMA and were going to ship me a totally different product. I am definitely done with these guys.
  10. I have had a bad experience with both my Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 and Scarlett 18i20 and returned them both to Focusrite under warranty. They are sending me a brand new replacement Scarlett 18i20 2nd gen. Unfortunately, I am soured on them due to all of the BSODs I was getting from the FocusriteUSB Root driver. I was thinking of selling this new one and getting a 3rd Gen but again, I am not crazy about Focusrite at this point. Can anyone recommend a USB\USB-c Audio interface that has 8 ins and outs, similar to my unit. I dont use the digital ins and outs. I was about to get the Steinberg UR816C or maybe the Steinberg UR44C 6x4. Anyone have any experience with these? There are so few reviews on them, I do not use TB or firewire anymore. Any other suggestions?
  11. I have been seeing offers for sale that include midi sequences and patterns. How do we use them.a my guess is that we drop them onto a track but obviously there is no sound. Do we simply add an instrument track, and select that track as the output of the midi track? That would be my guess but never tried. I have no audio interface at the moment (in process of being exchanged under warranty) so I cannot try. If someone has a definitive answer, it would be appreciated so I can try this once I am back up and running. Thanks.
  12. I already checked the excluded list. Anyway, I uninstalled and re-installed to see where it was being installed. It is 64 bit so it went to Program Files. It placed the dll in the same folder and for some reason, this time it worked, despite me doing this very same thing a few times before I posted. So, problem solved for now. Thanks for the instructions for the scan plugins folder. I will keep it for future reference.
  13. Korg M1 goes to C:\Program Files\VstPlugins\KORG\M1.dll. SInce C:\Program Files\VstPlugins is one of the paths in plugin mgr, that eliminates #1 I am not sure how to run a scan log. I don't think it is a permissions issue because I have been using this plugin for a couple of years and worked until I did fresh install of windows 10. I am an administrator so I should have rights to everything. Thanks for the suggestions
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