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  1. This looks excellent. I'd like to get a copy of it to try with my X-Touch Compact. Even though it's still a work in progress. The default Mackie Control doesn't not make as much use of all the pot's & buttons as this version does. A suggestion for one of the unallocated buttons: The current MMcL controller has a keypress combo M4+F1/Cut which reloads the MackieControl.INI file. The X-Touch Compact doesn't have these buttons, so it would be nice if you could assign it to one of your unallocated M1+ or M2+ key combinations. Reloading the MackieControl.INI file is useful if you are editing the INI file to add a new plug-in or fine-tuning which pots work with an existing plug-in. Normally you have to restart Cakewalk after each edit.
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