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  1. 1 still hasn't come out of the woodwork here. and yes, you can sign up twice https://www.ikmultimedia.com/vigb/ Scroll down, way on down
  2. Well I guess if it's not Trolls it's At least you can often get a bit of a laugh out of Trolls, where as the others can be straight out sickening. You go girl πŸ‘I'm sure they are quaking in their boots and suffering major bouts of depression contemplating what they are missing. You should have been around during the old Forums life time, and not just the dying throws, in comparison anything that happens here ain't notin' Lighten up, you'll live longer, it's only software, no one is insulting your mom or pissing in your tea.
  3. I never install it, just make a bootable disk and do backups manually when I choose, never had an issue. I wouldn't like something like this running in the background, or have to deal with trying to reign it in, hence I never install it.
  4. Now I'm no fan of PA's Amp Sims but this one would give a jellyfish a horn. Much better than the earlier ENGL's and anything else they've put out. They finally got one right πŸŽ‚πŸΊπŸΊ
  5. Thank you, yes I have been through that before, with no result, don't intend to look through that list again, it's quite long. Maybe I should just forget about it for now, there isn't really anything of interest to pick for the freebies that I don't already own, not interested in MODO Drums, or the Hammond or MP2, might be better just to wait on a sale for upgrade to ST4 Max, but then I have already sat through them before without pulling the trigger. Answered my own question I suppose. Maybe look for something else that has more interest to throw my $ at. Thanks again.
  6. For those who have ST4 Max, I have ST3 plus nearly everything made during it's time, and ST4 SE, is the upgrade to ST4 Max worth the $?
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