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  1. I love playing around with matrix view for just some fun live playing. The only thing I think its missing is being able to record live loops into it! I know Ableton is able to do this but I would love to see the feature added to cakewalk.
  2. I moved from reaper to cakewalk as I prefer the workflow.. In Reaper there was 'Trim volume' which I used for adjusting volume of parts after doing volume automation. Is the same thing in cakewalk?
  3. Hello everyone! I have just started using CWb about a month ago after using reaper for quite a few years now. I want to just start by saying its like a breath of fresh air! In my opinion everything just felt natural from the UI to the tools and just easy to work with. I wanted to ask if there is any or will be in the future the cakewalk plug being able to be bought again? I stumbled across the old cakewalk page and saw quite a few things I would love to try out!
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