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  1. I think I understand what you mean, I have a look how to load the same piano patch in upper 2, and try this out!
  2. That seems to work.. Thank you so much! Now only figuring out how to create the same instrument on channel 2 (now it randomly chooses instruments like strings/flute etc)
  3. I think you are right... But I have no idea how and where to change that.. On the piano I have a "midi" button, this is what it says.. Any suggestions? 🤒 I can choose out1, out2, or USB under "out", and there are 16 channels.
  4. Hi, I am new in all this, so I'll try to sound not too "noob"ish. I connected my RD-800 stage piano as with usb cable to record in cakewalk/bandlab. So far so good, I created a midi track and recorded something (piano 2 hands). Now I want to add an extra layer piano 2 hands to create a 4 handed recording so to speak :p If I create another track, the pedal I used in my first track, is also changed whenever I make use of the pedal in the second track. For example: if I want to use no pedal in track 1, but only in the part I play in track 2, that's not possible. Does anyone have an idea? Maybe it has something to do with the input channels, but if I change the input channel in track 2,there is no signal, no sound, I can't record... Thanks in advance for any help or advice :)
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