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  1. First of all, thank you very much Vernon. Yes, Proteus VX is quite old (I free downloaded it more than 10 years ago), but I'm very fond of it and I would continue using it also on Cakewalk. I don't know and never used before Jbridge, but I see that in Cakewalk is available something similar (I suppose) but internally: BitBridge , which allow to use 32-bit VST instruments ...In VST setting I've set Bitbridge "Automatic (Based on available RAM)". Have you experience on it? Could it help in place of JBridge? What should I do with Bitbridge apart from the setting required in Cakewalk's VST setting?
  2. EMU Proteus VX plug in: OK installation, it seems to work as "stand alone", but as VST has problems: Cakewalk "see it" correctly, it is possible to create an Instrument track, but it is NOT possible to visualize the plug in (the Proteus VX user interface) choose the sounds, edit, etc May I have a help?
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