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  1. Thanks everyone for helping! I looks nice the newest theme. Do you guys know where I can download more updated themes? thank you
  2. Hi everyone, maybe this is a dull question but I have a song that is already quantized at 92 bpm. When I want to set Cakewalk tempo to 92, it doesn't match. So How do I fit the project tempo to the song tempo or how is it possible to match and synchronize both (song and project tempo) to fit with the metronome beat. I let a video below so you can get and idea what I want Thanks in advance Tempo fix.mp4
  3. Thank you guys. I tried once more time after that day and loaded the Hypersonic 2 vst and it worked. I don't know why it crashed days ago but it seems is working perfectly. Anyways if I get a problem again I'll try some of your solutions. I show how is it working again Thanks for everything 2020-11-17-12-29-17.mp4
  4. Hi. I have a problem, some days ago I still could work with this vst like my other libraries and vst plugins, but I think after installing Omnisphere my vst Hypersonic is not working anymore, I can only see the loading window and after that the program is not responding. Do you know how to fix this?? this is the only vst I have problem with. I let a video below so you can understand better what's going on when I open this vst. 2020-11-16-11-55-54.mp4
  5. It was a nice answer too. Thank you! I think you and Johnny helped me a lot and this post will help many others
  6. Fantastic Explanation bro! thank you so much and you showed me how to add more pro channel effects too !! nice 2x1
  7. Hi. Is there an easy way to assign a knob to a vst plugin? I mean, like in FL studio you have the option to browse all the paramaters available for a vst or plugin in the browser folder or inspector, and also the standard option to right-click a button and learn the knob you want to assign. However most of my plugins doesn't work with the standard way to learn the knob button to be assignable. So, Is there a folder or part where I can have access to all available parameters for a vst/plugin? i.e. The native Cakewalk instruments like Electric piano it doesn't comes with the option to assign the knob to control some parameters such as Drive, Tune, etc at least that's what I've seen imo. I mean, I know the standard way to assign knobs but I want to have another way to access to the full list of available parameters and link them like in FL studio Global link parameters or the "last tweaked" function . Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi. Im getting slutters or choppy sound when I play the Hypersonic vst on Cakewalk. When I use it on Fl Studio I don't get any chop sound. How can I fix this? Help please
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