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  1. Hello again.

    So I spent some time trying to use the comping feature.  Can I ask your advice on one specific difficulty I am having.

    Let's say I record a first take of the whole performance.  It's all fine except for one mistake part way through the take.

    So I record a second take which starts a few bars before the mistake and ends a few bars after the mistake.

    I then choose exactly where I want to changeover to the second take and where I want to revert back to the original take.

    On T2, it's fairly easy to use the isolate function and drag to make the time selection of the part of T2 I want to use.

    However now (I think!) I need to use the isolate and drag function on T1 from time zero to exactly the same time index as the start of isolate for T2.  This is not easy!

    Is there a better way to do this and perhaps a Cakewalk video which shows how to do it?

  2. I am struggling to get the bounce to tracks working as I want.

    I have four mono bass guitar tracks which together make up the entire bass performance.  I used fader automation to decide which parts of which track I want.

    I tried the following settings:

    Destination: New Track

    Channel Format: Mono

    Source Category: Tracks (with the four desired tracks ticked)

    Mix and Render: set as defaults

    When I press okay, the result is four new tracks with exactly the same audio as the four source tracks.  I don't get a mix of the four tracks down to one new track as expected.  What am I doing wrong?

  3. I'm using Session Drummer 3 with Cakewalk's Step Sequencer.

    When I create a new instance of Session Drummer 3 and open Step Sequencer it always defaults to a limited number of rows which I then have to edit to get the drums sounds I want to work with.

    Is there anyway to store a Step Sequencer template so the rows I want to work can be recalled quickly?

  4. I'm struggling to get a couple of things configured in my default Control Bar.

    1. I use 'Fit project' a lot but it's hidden away in the Custom Module.  Is there any way to make the 'Fit project' button always visible?

    The second question is related:

    2. I tried resizing the Markers bar so that the individual buttons are visible.  Next time I open the project the Markers bar has collapsed to minimum size again.  What am I doing wrong?  When I do get this fixed, where does the extra Control Bar space come from to fit in larger markers area?  How does it decide what else to minimise to free up the space needed?

  5. It's looks like the issue of the UI displaying incorrect audio port names on sends and inserts has been fixed but I don't see it on the list.  Could you confirm it has been fixed?

    E.g. it used to the be case that if you allocated a send to the left leg of a stereo pair; after you save and close the project, then reload the project, the send allocation would show as to both L and R, even though the allocation was actually L only.



  6. 23 hours ago, Will_Kaydo said:

    There actually is. 

    When created, you get a dirty copy and clean copy. If that's what you're asking. 

    I can attach a video for this, if thats what you are asking. 

    A video would be great thanks.

  7. On 2/7/2022 at 5:18 PM, Will_Kaydo said:

    Are you talking about a send from the track itself? Cause if you click on the orange (blue in the mercury theme)  little button next to the send level to go GREY youre in PRE FADER and needs to be controlled with the actual fader and not the Level knob. It has been available for years. 

    Or are you referring to the Pro Channel Modules? 

    I'm talking about deriving a track send which is pre the FX.  This is sadly not available in Cakewalk at the moment.

  8. On 1/4/2022 at 3:59 PM, norfolkmastering said:

    There are times when you want to create a track send which is completely clean, which means before the FX in the signal chain.  Looks to be impossible at the moment as the Pre Fader option is still post FX.

    I know there are possible work arounds by cloning tracks etc but these are definitely not user friendly.

    I also know that other folks have made this request before.

    Could we get an idea from the development team if this is a big deal to do?



    Anyone from the Cakewalk team able to comment on this request please?

  9. Does anyone know if it's possible to save control group allocations with track templates?

    I want a track template which has a bunch of sends with linked send levels.  So I allocate the send levels to a group and then save the track template.  But when I load the track template, the linking between the send levels has been lost and I have to remake the control group each time I load the template.

    Any ideas?

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