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  1. Hi Mark, yes that works but it's a bit clunky. Anyway to make that into a macro so I can do it as a single keyboard shortcut?
  2. I tried this: Ctrl+Shift+Page Down takes you to the next marker Ctrl+Shift+Page Up takes you to the previous marker I'm looking for a keyboard shortcut to take me to the first marker in the project timeline. Anyway to do this?
  3. Does anyone know if there is a way to make a keyboard shortcut which would take you to the first marker in a project's timeline?
  4. I add my vote to having some way to have longer faders.
  5. Thanks for the help. I got my Control Bar configured and stored.
  6. I'm struggling to get a couple of things configured in my default Control Bar. 1. I use 'Fit project' a lot but it's hidden away in the Custom Module. Is there any way to make the 'Fit project' button always visible? The second question is related: 2. I tried resizing the Markers bar so that the individual buttons are visible. Next time I open the project the Markers bar has collapsed to minimum size again. What am I doing wrong? When I do get this fixed, where does the extra Control Bar space come from to fit in larger markers area? How does it decide what else to minimise to free up the space needed?
  7. It's looks like the issue of the UI displaying incorrect audio port names on sends and inserts has been fixed but I don't see it on the list. Could you confirm it has been fixed? E.g. it used to the be case that if you allocated a send to the left leg of a stereo pair; after you save and close the project, then reload the project, the send allocation would show as to both L and R, even though the allocation was actually L only. Regards Robert
  8. I can't see how to do a poll. Can you help?
  9. I'm talking about deriving a track send which is pre the FX. This is sadly not available in Cakewalk at the moment.
  10. Anyone from the Cakewalk team able to comment on this request please?
  11. Is there any way to tell Cakewalk to include Control Group allocations when duplicating tracks? I have a number of tracks sends whose level settings are always grouped, so I don't want to have to do this every time I duplicate a track.
  12. Does anyone know if it's possible to save control group allocations with track templates? I want a track template which has a bunch of sends with linked send levels. So I allocate the send levels to a group and then save the track template. But when I load the track template, the linking between the send levels has been lost and I have to remake the control group each time I load the template. Any ideas?
  13. Well let's hope I get a response from the development team about getting pre FX sends available in a future release.
  14. There are times when you want to create a track send which is completely clean, which means before the FX in the signal chain. Looks to be impossible at the moment as the Pre Fader option is still post FX. I know there are possible work arounds by cloning tracks etc but these are definitely not user friendly. I also know that other folks have made this request before. Could we get an idea from the development team if this is a big deal to do? Regards Robert
  15. I have a need to use some external audio insert sends without an audio port being allocated to the return path. I know this is similar to a track 'Send' but the external insert can be placed before any other FXs (normal 'Sends' are after all FX) which is important in this particular application. There is no problem setting up an external insert send only, allocated to an audio output port, but here is the problem: Even though the external insert send meter shows audio being sent, there is no audio at the actual audio port on my audio interface. Only if I allocate a return port, does the send port actually get fed audio (even though the insert send meter is showing audio!) Any idea if this is expected behaviour or a bug? Thanks Robert
  16. Finally I found an old thread which details the bug which is causing the problem. Sometimes the currently selected 'soft synth' track gets into a state where it is impossible to turn off the input echo button. Once this happens, it doesn't matter whether you select another track. The track which gets stuck, stays stuck. Reloading the instrument on the 'stuck' track is the only way to get the soft synth output to work again. The solution mentioned in the old thread is to go to Preferences/MIDI/Playback and Recording and untick the 'Always Echo Current MIDI Track' box. This fixes the issue. So it is an old bug which has never been fixed. The old thread is http://forum.cakewalk.com/Input-Echo-button-stays-on-m3565851.aspx What's the best way to bring this to the development team's attention?
  17. Okay I reviewed the drum track which failed using the Event List View. 100% note events. Anything else I can check or is there a diagnostic dump I could send to Bandlab next time it fails?
  18. I have started to use soft synths for the first time in Cakewalk. Mostly Session Drummer 3. I have no problem inserting an instance of Session Drummer 3 and loading a drum program. I hit a drum and I can hear the audio output. I can record MIDI sequences and play them back. However, I have found that at random times during the session, my Session Drummer output (whether it is being replayed from recorded MIDI or played 'live') suddenly loses its audio out. I can see that the drum program is still loaded and if e.g. I hit the bass drum, then I see the drum bring hit ... but no audio output! The only solution is to reload the drum program which brings back the audio but of course I lose all my settings. I have had the same problem with other soft synths so it is not particular to Session Drummer 3. Does anyone know if this is a know issue and whether there is a way to avoid this happening?
  19. I know you can use keyboard shortcuts to moving between markers but is there any way to use keyboard shortcuts to move the Now Time to either the punch in or punch out time. markers?
  20. Okay thanks; so I guess I am looking for a different solution to move the now time back by an amount of absolute time.
  21. I'm not sure what 'musical time' means. Is there any way to convert ticks to seconds?
  22. Do you know if it's possible to modify the CAL script to move the Now Time back by 10 seconds rather than by ticks?
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