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  1. I appreciate the advice. How do you do a tap vs a slap? Also, what beats?
  2. I'm trying to program a train beat with the included SI-Drums kit. I'm reading drum tab, but....I'm not a drummer and I don't think I'm doing it correctly. What I want is to simulate a simple country train beat. The ones I'm seeing seem to indicate a 16th note snare beat but that doesn't work. Can anyone tell me how to map out a simple drum beat for one measure? I can take it from there. I'd love to be able to simulate brushes as well but not sure I can. Thanks, John
  3. A buddy of mine recorded a track at 100bpm but is playing like it's 200bpm, basically he double-timed it. I want to convert this to a 190 bpm track that I can insert and use as a scratch track.
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