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  1. Many thanks, part of the problem is solved. I can insert the drum track so that both meters show the signal when record is enabled. However when I activate the record function nothing is being recorded. I am sure there is a simple solution, I just can't find it.
  2. I am having some issues recording with the SI drum or any virtual instrument. With track 1 record NOT abled, I can hear the drums and I can see the meters register. With track 1 ENABLED the channel is silent. here is a shot of my settings When I have my input switched to NONE, I can hear the drums. When I record it switches to my interface as the input. Any hints on what I'm doing wrong and how can I fix? .
  3. Hi Jonathan, Here are the settings for inputs. It looks to be right.
  4. I'm using a Steinberg UR22 interface on a Windows 10 computer Settings for each track as shown below. .
  5. Sorry if the title is a little vague. I didn't know how to explain in a few short works. I am new to Cakewalk and am having some teething pains. Here is my problem at the moment... I record drums on the first track. I play guitar on the second track but that second track also includes what I recorded in track 1. I then do a vocal on a third track and get all three tracks showing up on the third track. Ideally what I want is to have each track isolated so I can adjust volumes, equalization etc. What am I doing wrong
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