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  1. Hello! How many track subfolders can I nest? Maybe this question has been answered but I haven't found nothing about it. Thanks!
  2. Hi! It would be nice if the curves (track envelopes, clip envelopes, fade in and fade out) had a middle point to ease manage the tension of the curve. Now, we have to select (using right click) between 3 predefined: linear, slow curve, fast curve, jump (only for track/clip envelopes) which it's quite limited and slow. Here, a serum vst example image, showing this tensions points: Here a gif showing and example in LFOTool vst plugin Thanks!
  3. As gain and pan envelopes, I would like to change the pitch via envelope (no changing the whole pitch for the entire clip). With this we'll be able to make "a kind" of tape stop effect (for example). I think there is no other way to do it, right?
  4. But there is no pitch envelope in clips, as pan or gain envelopes, and this would be a great feature.
  5. When you work with 100 tracks grouped in 20 groups and you are going to start the mixing process, believe me that doing that process of "3 clicks" is long and tedious. As I mentioned, you just have to select all the folders (select all), right click, create buses from selected groups and voilà. The bus would not have to be renamed because the same name as the group would be used. I suppose it will depend on the workflow of each one and the number of tracks and groups used. Personally I prefer other feature requests, but being open feedback, I think it's good that all opinions are heard.
  6. Yeah, but a built-in Cakewalk's solution would be much better,
  7. Thanks for the reply. This is how I have been doing it, but it would be useful to add this shortcut.
  8. Thanks for the reply. The problem is if you wanted to do multiple processing in parallel: the process becomes cumbersome and it would be more convenient to have everything within the effects chain.
  9. It would be useful to be able to automatically create buses associated with a group and route the tracks in the group to that group.
  10. In the tracks view it would be useful to be able to have an unlimited number of nested groups and not be limited to just one level.
  11. It would be useful to be able to add an effects rack similar to ableton live, so that the effects are applied in parallel and those effects can be an effect chain or more effects rack.
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