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  1. 8 hours ago, freddy j said:

    Well done!  This song does indeed capture the spirit of the late 1960's psychedelic sound.  That guitar panned hard right certainly personified the 1960's Psyc. guitar.

    Yeah, i like it the sound of the guitar and organ. Thank you!

  2. 15 hours ago, Wookiee said:

    As Gary notes could do with being a little louder, perhaps get the free Youlean loudness meter.

    I got it, i'll check the loudness.

    Thank You 

  3. 14 hours ago, Bajan Blue said:

    Good track - i would have increased the bass a bit, but apart from that, definitely caught that sixties vibe



    I'll take into account the tip, Thank you

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  4. 11 hours ago, daryl1968 said:

    definitely has all the late sixties accoutrements including a Ray Manzarek organ solo. Very cool 

    Thanks, i hope share more songs because I am working on a new album for My band!

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  5. Hi, im new in this forum, i use Cakewalk to make a instrumental song, the song is like 70's Rock/Blues, Im Mexican and my English is regular (i hope so jajaja), i hope that your understand me, although the music is a universal lenguage. 

    Si hay alguien que habla español jajajaja, soy nuevo en este foro e hice una cancion en cakewalk, tiene un estilo como de los 70's, espero que me puedan apoyar y darme recomendaciones u opiniones ya sea buenas o malas, ya que soy de los que creen que a pesar de todo, siempre hay algo en que mejorar. 

    i dont know how embed youtube :( , so this is the youtube song


    Amd A12 7Th Gen | 12Gb Ram | 1Tb | Cakewalk


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