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  1. That nylon was such a joy to play I bought it immediately, I didn't look at the other stuff because I do feel what ever it is the price is too high. but the nylon is so inspiring that it makes me wish I would have invested only in like instruments that dedicated to realism and easy playability and are so life like instead of the millions instruments that you simply have to be your own inspiration to make them sound good. Even though it is high priced for just one instrument, it's kind of like when this stuff 1st started and things were expensive before waves brought the market down (which I'm glad for) but instead of it being just another gimmick that you will only find out later it wasn't worth it, this is much more like the real deal that really will take your music to a much higher level of quality and realism. 2cents
  2. Much fewer words to describe my sentiments.
  3. If something is just not your style and you 're sure, delete it, It took a while for me, I know what I might use and what I will most likely never use. My method was when I didn't feel like making music and looking for inspiration I would go through each synth and favorite all sounds that were inspiring or usable for my style, and when I couldn't come up with much of anything on a particular synth, It was in deletion status. on the other hand when so many favorites were just back to back to the point where It was pointless to favorite any because I liked so many, needless to say It's on the go to list. This was not do to hard disk space this was simply weeding out uninspiring (junk) that was in my way. however abbey road drums are staying even with my other more massive drums. (I can't pick through drums to delete as that is something so easy to change up when I might feel different, on the other hand old school 8 bit drums (not bfd) but old video game drums and those sounds I won't be using) I don't know If you have a Komplete Kontrol Keyboard with light guide and browsing capabilities but this is why I keep certain instruments and delete others, I need this to have the best workflow and junk in the way is a killer for me.
  4. 🙂 I think we all have the same dream.
  5. No wars here, I'm in agreement with what can be done in software as a whole, but, just a recent example of when uad came out with the avalon 737 plugin. I had a hardware unit years ago and I sold it because it seemed like it wasn't doing anything I couldn't do with software. and I moved on to what I thought was a better front end. as I progressed in the details, I realized this was in fact very difficult to achieve with software and when Uad came out with the plugin I demoed it and compared to my earlier recordings that were post processed with the hardware, the eq came close, but the compressor could simply not be duplicated, and I tried very long and hard, then I asked myself, if it's this hard just to try and match one sound( it was a kick drum), how much are people(including myself) just settling for when they use plugins and get them to sound their best, and possibly not even realize there is a whole new world of (in this case) superior and much quicker results. at that time I didn't even know what I had until it was gone. There was also a "sheen" that I was never able to get again with other hardware or software. This "sheen" sort of showed up in the plugin but I wasn't convinced in the end. I'm not advocating for hardware to the degree that it may appear, I have and use lots of plugins, but it is another aspect of sound that will be overlooked if a plugin only mentality is used.
  6. Please don't think having the best will produce the best result, 1st thing to know is the people you are asking does not have your room, your ears, your exact appreciation for music, etc. The sooner you know what you want, the sooner you might realize you may already have the tools to get there. But if not, we have come so far with software, but if you are having a hard time getting what you are looking for, you might want to start your venture with hardware and save yourself thousands and thousands. of coarse this won't make sense unless you are at that level. there is a reason this stuff is always on sale, not just because it's downloadable, but more so if these companies can make you think you will have the equivalent of the hardware and you can get it cheap, well somebody is getting rich at the same time you will not be truely satisfied and so you will fall for the next and the next and the next. all they have to do is tell you this is the latest technology that is even better than the hardware. I really start to get sick when I see a professional marketing these plugins when they have racks and racks of hardware that they know is so far superior to the plugins that they have to hold back the truth to get paid. but again you will have to know what you are after. (I had to add hardware to this equation because I have both and software really does not compete with hardware in most instances, like the punch of a compressor, trying to match software with hardware almost doesn't exist, and when people say it's like 95% there, that is sadly not true. I'll stop here.) I'm saying all this to say, there are some amazing plugins and you have them, I will advise you strongly learn what it takes to get what you 're looking for, because thinking you will find it in the next set of tools will have you shifting your entire objective from making good music or making music sound as good as it can, to hanging out in the deals section, filling you computer with more choices that you don't know what to do with, further pushing you in the wrong direction. Getting a mix right comes down to tiny tiny movements on an eq or compressor or distortion or a fader etc. There is no magic, you have to study, and you have to pay very close attention to the smallest of small details that will make your music amazing or annoying. hopefully you have decent monitoring that allows you to hear these details or it will be like looking through muddy water trying to see clearly. on a side note, my hardware is primarily for getting the initial sound right before I start using plugins.
  7. or wood, sorry I don't have a link.
  8. for me it's like asking do I want crack or heroin, I don't have to choose one just because I'm given a choice. but seriously we are faced with this question everyday with other things besides plugin after plugin after plugin. I won't derail this topic further. edit: don't ask why am I in the deals section
  9. sorry Zo, I knew you would feel like that on this one, You are the reason I was even interested in this particular meter, but waves spoiled me and It's so hard to spend the money I used to unless it is really really, worth it.
  10. $19.00 I've been waiting for this to go on sale https://store.tcelectronic.com/products/native-plug-ins/
  11. This update broke my play button on my S-88 mk1, (I use AZ controller) it showed up as functioning in AZ controller but would not play in CbB or Sonar. System restored has come to the rescue one more time, I will never disable it as it was suggested to do in some old optimization thread.
  12. I found that vocalign didn't work from because I undock it as the dock default was too short I don't want to look at the bottom of the screen, but when I left it docked it seemed to work as expected, however I have surrendered that license for revoice since it now works almost like a plugin.
  13. I'm up to date(as far as I know) on everything and my vocalign still isn't working
  14. I gave up on revoice pro in the past, no way I could go through those steps, but I just seen the updated video and this look much more like it. however I hope it will work for me as vocalign does not work properly and it's supported on the syncro-arts site. I go through all the normal correct steps and I even make sure the clips start very close to each other, when I try to drag and drop the dub track I get the error message or everything involved with vocalign is just muted and then a crash. I'm not sure if this is a typo or a cross contaminated install but when the error message appears, it reads vocalign project error and I have Pro version.
  15. I have the same problem as the OP and wondering does anybody else even use Vocalign. This is the only mention I see of this problem, Is anyone using this successfuly with CbB it works fine in Sonar ara1
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