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  1. Ok, so I'm reading Youtube comments saying you don't need anything except something that can run a DAW. Somebody said they used a crappy laptop from 2002 & it worked fine. So tell me about this ASIO thing. I'm all set to go except for that. Do I need it? Why doesn't it show up in the dropdown menu?
  2. Ok, thanks! I don't know much about that stuff. I installed it, it seems to be working fine. But there is no ASIO option & that's where I have no idea what I'm doing. The only thing I know as of now is that it's Windows 10 & the hard drive is pretty much full on one & almost half full on the other.
  3. What exactly do you need? I can try to find it.
  4. Oh God! I have no idea. How do I find out what I have? I have 2 laptops & have no idea what's in them. I know both are Windows 10, but that's about it.
  5. I am totally new to this, I know absolutely nothing. Most tutorials assume you already know a little bit. But I'm starting fresh from the very beginning. I downloaded Cakewalk & installed it. I was watching a tutorial on how to get started & the first thing the guy did was tell me to change the driver mode to ASIO. There was no ASIO in the dropdown menu so I downloaded asio4 all & installed it. Asio still doesn't show up in Cakewalk. Then I saw a bunch of talk about soundcards, audio interface & external audio stuff etc. So I started to wonder if I can even use my laptop. It's kind of old & I don't even know if it has the right stuff installed to run these programs. So before I even try to use this program I need to learn from the very beginning. Setting up my computer properly & all that. Where can I go to learn about setting up the best stuff inside my computer? Or buying a new computer specifically for this. I need to get the right computer setup before I even bother with anything else. I'm a music nut & I've been dreaming about making my own electronic music for years. I didn't think it was possible until I recently saw the Deadmau5 master class & I was like "I can actually do this at home on my laptop?" So now I'm all fired up ready to get started but don't have a clue WTF I'm doing. lol
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