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  1. When I bounce a midi clip, it deletes the empty space at the beginning and end of the clip, which is a problem when copying clips multiple times. Is there a way to prevent this? See attached pic.
  2. Exactly! I mean, do most people record on multiple tracks most of the time? I would think that most of the time when people record, they record on one track at a time. When I'm finished recording drums and I go on to recording a synth or vocals, I shouldn't have to turn off the record button on the drums. Or at least that option should be there in the preferences.
  3. Thanks for your response, Gustabo. Can you elaborate on what you mean? I use project templates but I still need to disarm and rearm tracks for recording instead of just arming a track for recording.
  4. Is there a way to only allow cakewalk to record on a single track at at time? I almost never record on multiple tracks at a time. So whenever I want to record on a new track, I have to unarm all tracks in the toolbar and then arm the track I want to record in. Seems easy but half the time I end up forgetting to do it and record on a multiple tracks, etc.
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