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  1. One common point of trouble I've found that causes this error is my RAM. The fix (for me) has worked every time. Power down computer. Unplug from wall. Hold power button down 30 seconds. Open computer case, remove RAM. Clean contacts on each stick with rubbing alcohol if dirty. Blow dust from RAM sockets. Reinstall RAM. Dunno why this works but it does.
  2. Hey, you can highlight & select the strip you are navigating to, so as you jump from strip to strip the strip is selected AND the number of the strip is highlighted. I assume you're using AZ Control? If so, i can help.
  3. and... "ACT" Load Failure for console emulation when attempting to assign components. Seriously Cakewalk By Bandlab.... don't keep ignoring "ACT"....
  4. Hi "CAKEWALK" people... why are we stuck with a 20 yr old "ACT" midi interface that destroys all creativity when it has only a 50% chance of working, What the hell? Cubase and the rest have modern and functional qualities that allow for functional midi control surfaces. I love the way ACT works, when it works. So, why after so many years hasn't this been turned into the BIGGEST SELLING POINT for CBBL?????!!! Software to hardware communication is 99% of ALL YOU HAVE TO DO!
  5. Hey "Cakewalk" people..... WHY am i given different views when in ACT mode and asking for Compression or TUBE Pre settings? These do not match the described visuals.
  6. Another oddity... after using Cakewalks Flagship "ACT control".... "ACT", isn't showing a reliable display.... i have Never seen this display of the Pro-Channel EQ?
  7. "CNTRL-Shift-Z" will "REDO"/ "UNDO" what you deleted.
  8. whoaaa.... that worked ! Thank you! So.... if ACT had been around this long....WHY IS IT Doing this? Tactile control, be it a mouse and keyboard or a control surface are absolutely the meat and potatoes for an engineer! This shouldn't be malfunctioning like this after 20 years!
  9. When in ACT and using an x-touch mini to open & close previous and next plugins in a track strip..... this display pops up on "Tube Saturation"..... it isn't a problem and doesn't cause problems... but is this supposed to be the way it looks or no? Or is it what the Roland / Cakewalk midi controller would show on it's display?
  10. ACT has been "broken" for years. It is probably (for me) the most frustrating part of using Cakewalk By Band Lab. Using a "FaderFox PC12" & "Behringer x-touch mini" and ACT is great.... when it works and then those presets i create completely vanish by the next restart or project. The amount of time it takes to get it all set up, just right and then it all vanishes.. painful.
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