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  1. a few hours into a session on friday, halfway through tracking vocals, all of a sudden cakewalk refuses to print. I can arm the track, see signal, start to roll, however cakewalk does not print any audio. Its as if I am merely pressing play with the track armed - however - the metronome is set to only sound when I press record - meaning I know that I am prompting cakewalk to record. This particular session literally started with the exact same issue, only in midi. I literally had to export my work as an omf, and then create a new session from that to get to the point I am at right now, only to be at the finish line and not be able to record 1 last part? Another user told me to try rebooting my interface, and that has not resolved the issue. I do not have selective suspend enabled, and I also do not have windows set to "turn off" the usb hub to conserve power. win 10 pro All updates - fresh install 2 months ago RME fireface 2 usb
  2. the first pic is the pop that Im getting, and these are the waves re-imported. The 2nd pic is my export settings. Ive tried 64 bit, normal speed bounce (not fast bounce), no matter what, when I export audio from the buses, I wind up with a loud pop at the very very end of the wave. I cant even re-import, chop the pop off, and then export because it just adds another pop. The sessions are very simple, literally some karaoke tracks the band uses for backing tracks. When I export from the buses as Stereo, I don't get the pop. The story is, the past two years I created about 60 backing tracks, now, I just started working with a playback device that uses split mono files, that needs to see split mono files, and now it appears that cakewalk can not create them from all the work I have done...??? just to get by I have had to load each session into another program, just to export them split mono without the loud clip at the very tail! It will take me DAYS to get through something that should be incredibly simple.
  3. Thanks - I saw that and the solution worked for me thank you thank you!!!
  4. I have melodyne studio. For 2 months now at least I have had cbb hang when I try to examine and apply a tempo. I take click tracks from karoake stems, and apply it to a new session to have it follow the tempo. Whenever I drag the click track into the new session, cbb hangs indefinitely. Melodyne works fine in other capacities, but the one thing I desperately need to work is not working. I've written celemony, they say reinstall, run as administrator, etc... the usual. I've done all my updates, changed buffer sizes, I'm at my wits end. I need someone to just... fix.. the problem!!!! HELP HELP HELP
  5. I had some strange problems a few weeks ago that a bunch of rebooting resolved
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