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  1. Applications can see other applications you run, your OS fingerprint, etc that can be used to personally identify you for targeted advertising (to sell or to use). But as long as Cakewalk's connection is restricted through a firewall like Simplewall or even installed in a VM, I think it's fine.
  2. Yeah, I know very little about Cakewalk's history. Now I'm starting to understand a little more. I was just curious and suspicious as lots of freeware that are too good to be true ends up being a disaster for the user's privacy.
  3. I don't see how making it open source decreases it's value; it just makes the company and application more transparent. Anyways thanks for the response.
  4. It's too good to be true that Cakewalk is free. The fact that Cakewalk isn't open source leads me to believe that Bandlab must be hiding something. What would be lost if it were open source? Instead of a negative, Bandlab would probably get attention and support, especially from those in the Linux community. It is also strange to note that according to their privacy policy, they "will not rent or sell your Information to Third Parties without your consent". The ability to revoke this consent is not in the settings. Instead, you have to email them.
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