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  1. Thanks for all of the good feedback and suggestions lads. I think I was misunderstanding the point of aux tracks - I thought I was being clever using them as essentially a bus I could freeze. The suggestions of recording to the aux track, or indeed leaving the plugin on the parent track and freezing that, will work for me.
  2. Hi Jonathan, Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately these crashes don't seem to be creating dump files, I've checked the Minidumps folder and there isn't a corresponding file for the crashes. I've discovered that the problem happens when I try to freeze ANY aux track, regardless of the plugins attached. It doesn't happen for normal tracks, which freeze just fine. I feel like there should be an obvious reason for this, or something I'm just not understanding? Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi folks! I'm brand new here, and new to recording/producing - looking forward to getting involved, looks like a great community. My problem is this - I've recently started running into CPU problems with a project I'm working on as it gets bigger. I've read that freezing tracks can help with this - in particular freezing the track on which you have CPU heavy plugins. I'm using the free TH3 amp sim on my guitars. So I'm routing all the DIs to an aux track with the plugin in the FX rack. When I try to freeze this track Cakewalk will just instantly crash - no warning or anything. So I'm left with the situation where I don't seem to be able to freeze the tracks which I suspect are using the most CPU. Has anyone else encountered this or am I doing something incorrectly? Any feedback is really appreciated! Thanks, Conor
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