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  1. Sounds good but not great ... then again on the 2nd listen I felt something's missing to bring it through . not sure if Bapu has a point but give a different drum score to it and see if it changes the vibe .. perhaps move on with the tune ... Bit more salt and pepper maybe ... I did like it though 😊 SupaReels
  2. Thankyou for the comment and time ATB Steve
  3. Thankyou for your comments, all of which, I feel, has improved my song ... it's here if you wanna see if it's any better. I have left the original track for the time being. https://soundcloud.com/user-936763372-896820317/liasons-in-the-dark-pt1-remix
  4. Yep your right ... it's the new sound module I'm getting to grips with. Many thanks for listening 👍 Steve
  5. GOT IT! LOVE IT ... 😎👌 BUT REMIX ... NOW 😵
  6. Love the song writing and indeed the mix .. in that if I heard it on the radio I wouldn't think twice about the song ??at all ! SupaReels
  7. Mixed feeling about the lyrics now I'm 70 ! ... I remember listening to the VU in a flat in Kennington S. London along with King Crimson and the Stones in the day .. brought it all back ..Never slept for days .... good work guys ! Dare I say, you did it proud !!😎 ......God they were good times ATB SupaReels
  8. SupaReels

    Dark eyes

    Cor blimey .. It's the Shadows ... it is! ...... great stuff! note perfect ... love the chord progression .. it is sixties !! ALB SupaReels
  9. I think I'd like to see the words so I could follow it .. but interesting vibe ...good work Steve
  10. Great song guys. Knew it would be ... although I feel Tom has a point regarding he's comment :- ( I'd put a vote in for either slightly increasing the volume of the lead vocal in the verses, or more likely dipping the volume of the fuzzed-out guitar a bit so the lead vocal can pop more ) ATB Steve
  11. I hear a Foreigner vibe here .. my goto band excellent writing ... as usual ALB Steve
  12. SupaReels


    A BLOODY MASTER AT WORK ... I won't hijack this song, but for me the heartbeat drum and ambience has a draw to me, like the smell of a freshly baked apple pie .. I'm irresistibly drawn to writing words for it .. or indeed eating a freshly baked home made apple pie ... Well done it's hard to write something simple and so lovely 🖖 ALB Steve
  13. Thanks mate, the wife calls this type of vocal ' a talking song' ...maybe it's something in the air ..I danno 🙄 Stay safe Steve
  14. Many thanks for listening and the comment .. as said I have just added a Scarlett 18I20 and I think I found the problem that you and Bjorn picked up on, in that I used something called 'air' to some of the parts. Long one short it adds a additional higher band, I think this was what Bjorn may have heard .. so he's ears didn't betray him. I'm doing some vocal stuff at the moment for a friend but I will remix and see/hear if it sounds right .. more later and I send my thanks for your time ATB Steve
  15. Thankyou for the comments ..must say it's not my best work I just needed something that had a lot of tracks so I could experiment with mastering a mix using different bit rates and samples. I am now using a Focusrite Scarlett 18/20 so I am on a learning curve, a bit different to my old UR44. I will go back over this to deal with that static sound you mentioned Bjorn as, indeed, I trust your ears LOL ...... You raise an excellent point with your whole comment Jack esp the strings thankyou. Steve
  16. LIAISONS IN THE DARK PT1 She was sitting all alone on the bedroom chair Whisky numbed the pain of those years gone by She wondered through those playing cards that,we all know so well But just came up empty and she began to cry She never saw the truth in his words full of deception He played her for a fool and the dots made no connection And if it happened all again would she have known inside And would he really ever cared for the many time she cried Searching for a reason, but it doesn't come You try so hard to fight it but you just felt numb FEMAIL VOX 'Cause I have tried, tried and tried Feel drained nothings the same coming home to somewhere else ….It's going to take this fight in the end … M8 Now she's left that all behind her, she likes to be alone She keeps her heart protected, a sweet smile made of stone She doesn't need love no more, and reminds herself each day That men will always break your and leave you anyway And I guess it's true, I have to say When I see her quite by chance, She looked a million dollars but within a fleeting glance I swear I saw an emptiness where love had always been It was then I realised she was just a beauty queen
  17. Forget all the timing shyt and and tech... I really enjoyed this album so much, and rather than comment ... I paid a poultry sum to own a great piece of work ! You are one great muso mate ...., as always said 👌 ALB Steve
  18. SupaReels


    Love the clean vox and to these ears very 60 s .... You have great voice ! ATB SM
  19. I'm gonna get banned from this website for this but , I think this is fkn fantastic and probably the best story told in song ... bought tears to my old eyes and I've heard quite a few deep meaning songs ..I will be listening this for quite a few times it really hits a chord with me .. so thanks mate ! ATB Steve
  20. SupaReels

    Warp 1

    Nice work Wooks .. and the landing was very smooth ATB Steve
  21. Hi mate, Really enjoyed the story and the funky rock .. if that's a thing, We just celebrated our 50th year of marage and my 70th this week and I think 1951 was a good year to be born ! LOL ...keep 'em comin 😎 Steve
  22. Been running C/b since the big fold of plat ... Great bit of kit ( even with the dongle ) had no trouble ...ever ..really! as indeed I didn't years ago with Atari /CB. Platinum was ( IMHO) the best software for the bucks, but things move on .. and they overstretched ...then sank, Bandlab gave those of us that paid the cost of that DAW a way out .. Many thanks for that, but a little late for a few of us to try the fruits of DAW's elsewhere that wouldn't go bust . We run C/b 11 dot thingy and it's a far cry from those old days but although it's been a steep curve, to know that Yammy doesn't look like going the same way the time investment has been worth it. That said we still use Pro tools and plat for the plugs. So I got to agree with Bill .. and the Eagles .. Get over it !
  23. Great work my friend .. just can't hide talent . . . and the smidgen of bass really adds to this piece
  24. OK .... that's a hard one to quantify, in that, we all hear and mix to our own idea of what the overall work should sound / convey like when mixing, we sometimes (well I do ) get too engrossed with the song and forget the nuances that inevitably will make our work stand out .. That's why the pro's use high end engineers ! But that said, Bandlab gives you a pretty good set of tools to do a pro job .. indeed there are still great engineers that use Sonar Platinum (Now owned by Bandlab .. thankfully ) due to the fact it's a fantastically great way to make your own music.... the future is yours mate and I wish you good luck, from here I hear a very polished songwriter! But for my bit, I would look into the 'Stereo Imager st-2s' (NOMAD) for the main mix on a separate BUS (No vox on this) Then backing vox on another Bus (slightly higher in the mix ) and you vocal on another bus with a tad of 2s to make it 'settle in to the overall sound. At 1.21 to 1.40 the bass drum ,echo? not sure ... but that's where I think the timing went adrift or sounds like it has / at 1.44 I feel the snare could be reduced a tad. Well that's my neck right out there for the butcher .. guys on this site don't take prisoners and I'm sure they'll blow this comment apart .. but that's just the vertical curve ..ain't it ! Great song and I've listened to it quite a few times now .. BTW always poke the quote if you wanna flag a question as I only see your comment by accident! Keep writing and stay well Steve
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