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  1. nevermind it was in instruments > sampler > ADSR Sample manager. dont need help anymore
  2. I downloaded ADSR Sample Manager and want to hook it up with Cakewalk but don't know how. If it's not possible, I just want to know how I can use wavs and turn it into midi to play on my piano. like this guy. like what he says on 0:46
  3. thanks man i fixed it. i deleted d:\downloads.
  4. guys i was busy with life. sorry i didn't read all of your messages. Im good with what im using right now to make music. I think i dont need to get a sound card to make music, i was just worried i wouldn't hear well my music but to the average person its ok to hear music without a sound card i think. peace
  5. yeah but they are expensive. like $100+. dont have that amount of money. i guess not all instruments can get added notes with mouse click and hold in paino roll. i can still play a lot of instruments no problem with click and hold mouse button to quickly add music. so i guess its no problem
  6. already tried it. wasn't compatible with my sound card
  7. i changed my sampling rate in driver settings to 44100 but i still get the same problem
  8. well, i dont get audio engine dropout but my orchestral gets distorted when i try to create notes quickly while holding down mouse button. then the audio dissapears. i press spacebar to start music and i have to press spacebar 3 times cause it pauses like 3 times before it can playback
  9. im primarily focused on using audio and MIDI loops and entering MIDI data using step recording or directly into the Piano Roll View, Staff View or Step Sequencer. Not planning on recording audio or MIDI from external devices such as a microphone, musical instrument or MIDI keyboard
  10. So far I've been able to play instruments but this "cinematic braams" orchestral instrument from Msoundfactory gives me an audio engine dropout when i try to edit in piano roll and hold down my mouse button to drag out music. its a audio engine dropout (1) and it said i should increase the buffer size which i did. I did to the max. i still can't fix it. So you can't hold down mouse button and quickly make notes on cakewalk with any instrument or you can? i like to just drag out music while holding down mouse button to quickly make music but i hate to get this error. here's a preview. maybe lower down volume when you watch video. Cakewalk orchestra output problem.mp4
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