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  1. That icon with midi and something else combined,confuses the hell out of me. In Reaper I load the multi vstis and there is a drop down box where I can select midi channel amount and also audio output tracks for the vsti multi instrument and bang ,it’s done.. I really need a tutorial on multi instrument vsti loading and what to select when loadung that vsti and what tracks to get them to work? So confusing Cakewalk’s multi channel routing ,eepecially that combined channel with the two icons,midi and audio. Do I load 16 of those combined channels,16 midi and audio and if I do load 16 midi and audio,how do I get them to link up with the multi vsti? I think I will stick with Reaper because it feels more intuitive to me.
  2. I added a classical midi file to Cakewalk then added the TT1 vsti and routed my midi tracks to it but no sound. I can see the green metres working on all the midi tracks but there is no sound. I find the routing in Cakewalk much harder to get to grips with than Reaper.
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