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  1. I used the patches from the KVR thread,I can't even remember what I did to get it working sigh. The first time in Windows 11 ,it did not work at all but I think after a few Windows updates ,it did. Patchmix works as well.
  2. Yes,there is a Cakewalk midi indicator that stays in the bottom right tray after I close down Cakewalk. I open up Task manager and see there is Cakewalk Application listed ,I end that with "End Task" ,then i can start Cakewalk again without issues. I fixed the sustain pedal issue but also fixed the sustain pedal issue with AZslow's script with ACT. I just reset my Novation Impulse,updated the firmware using Midi OX and then reloaded the Act Script.
  3. I have a new problem now. My sustain pedal isn't working. It is on Reaper. Could be AZslow's ACT script for the Novation Impulse. I deleted it but still no sustain pedal. Gees ,DAWS drive me nuts. P.S. My Emu 1212m works great on Windows 11 as well. Also Cakewalk leaves a keyboard icon in the bottom right tray that you have to remove via Task manager after you close down Cakewalk,is that right?
  4. I FIXED IT by a simple Shutdown and reboot the ole girl. Cakewalk back again.🤪😁
  5. EMU 1212m Cakewalk has been fine,no issues until now. The project I had ,loaded plenty of times before.
  6. I have to use Task Manager to close it.
  7. The Cakewalk Utility Plug In Manager is broken. Does not save any layouts. I deleted my original Layout and the Reason Rack plug ins appeared again when selecting either FX or instruments in the right hand panel. May be a Windows 11 issue.
  8. The Cakewalk Plug In Manager under Utilities is broken. I can not add any plugin to a folder or create a new folder and add plugins to them. After I save my Layout preset and reload it the newly created folders and plugins are gone. I could not get The Reason Rack Plugin to work and think this is the reason,excuse the pun,why. I may have to install Cakewalk from scratch,it seems to be buggy when updating from incremental files.
  9. Yes,Plug in manager is broken for the Reason RACK plugin as well. I add it,save it,then load my plug in preset and ,woof it's gone,that's for both the FX and Instrument version of Reason Rack Plugin. Easy as pie with Reaper though using Reason Rack plugin. P.S.I got the Reason Rack plugins to appear again after deleting my Cakewalk plugins layout. The Plug In Manager does not save anymore so layouts aren't there when using the Plugin Manager again. I am using Windows 11 so maybe an issue with that OS?
  10. I found it. It has to be used as an FX plugin . Silly me. TY for the help. P.S. Still UNSOLVED because I need the Instrument version of the Reason rack plugin for midi sounds. The FX plugin version version only works as FX on Audio tracks.
  11. Nothing is compressed Every other plugin works. I'll just use Reason stand alone,no biggy,just wondered why the Reason rack does not load in Cakewalk. I have Reaper also which loads in the Reason rack fine. TY for the help anyway.
  12. It is listed in the Enabled section. Does not appear in "sort by " layouts. It gets added ,then I save it but when opening the plugin layout,it disappears again.
  13. I added the Reason Rack to my synths folder in my plugins layout. It does not show up after reloading my layout after saving it.
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