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  1. Phraser is BROKEN in Sampletank 4. I move a groove file onto the C2 key of the phraser section. Enable it in the instrument list but when I play ther C2 key it just plays the normal C2 sound instead of triggering the phrase. This is with the latest update. Pretty pissed off with this software atm. Nice sounds but alot of bugs.
  2. I'm looking for Zoom with mouse wheel but centres at cursor position. I move the playback head then Zoom using CTRL and Left and Right but the Zoom does not centre. I might move my waves into Reaper to zoom. The cursor moves left when zooming in Cakewalk. In Reaper,it is very easy to keep the zoom centered.
  3. Where is this option found? Been trawling theough preferences and can't find anything.
  4. This is driving me crazy. Where is the centre zoom to playing head or cursor with mouse wheel? Like being in the caveman age without this function.
  5. The zoom function of these plugins does not work whether in VST2 or VST3 format. I tried them in Reaper and the VST2 versions of the plugins zoom properly but not the VST3 versions.
  6. Does not work for me either. A ton of plugins not seen even when their folders correctly configured and i am scanning from preferences. The plugins show up in Reaper . The only headache in this great DAW. Any solutions, I would be grateful. It is the Common Files folder. I have selected that folder and scanned that ,it did not work,then I selected,Common Files,VST3 and that still did not work. Sigh. Reaper picks up that VST 3 folder automatically and scans the plugins without an issue. P.S. I got it working,dumbo again lol. I forgot to enable the newly scanned plugins through the PLUG IN MANAGER in Utilities. I always forget to do that. After scanning ,planning!
  7. I actually did work this out 🤪 dum dum me
  8. Melodyne.dll hanging when I scan the VST folders lol and this came with Cakewalk. Also UJAM's VG Carbon VSTi refusing to load,loads flawlessly in Reaper. How do i delete Melodyne? Cakewalk a bit flaky compared to reaper. Plugins not showing when i use the same plugin paths. The funny thing is Melodyne,a plugin that comes with Cakewalk,hangs in Cakewalk and refuses to load but loads flawlessly in Reaper???? What gives??? P.S. rescanned the plugins at startup.STILL NO UJAM CARBON???????????????????? Loads in REAPER fine,I have the same plugin paths on both DAWS,CAKEWALK being a stubborn mule and Reaper being a gentleman. Don't know how to fix this??????????? FINALLY!!!!! VG Carbon finally scanned after I unticked the 2 VST3 migration boxes. Then I had to use Plugin Manager to move it into my listed plugins. Phew,Cakewalk lives!
  9. That icon with midi and something else combined,confuses the hell out of me. In Reaper I load the multi vstis and there is a drop down box where I can select midi channel amount and also audio output tracks for the vsti multi instrument and bang ,it’s done.. I really need a tutorial on multi instrument vsti loading and what to select when loadung that vsti and what tracks to get them to work? So confusing Cakewalk’s multi channel routing ,eepecially that combined channel with the two icons,midi and audio. Do I load 16 of those combined channels,16 midi and audio and if I do load 16 midi and audio,how do I get them to link up with the multi vsti? I think I will stick with Reaper because it feels more intuitive to me.
  10. I added a classical midi file to Cakewalk then added the TT1 vsti and routed my midi tracks to it but no sound. I can see the green metres working on all the midi tracks but there is no sound. I find the routing in Cakewalk much harder to get to grips with than Reaper.
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