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  1. Hey folks, I've had version of Cakewalk since about 1999. So 20 years. One feature that I can't find is a feature that exists when watching videos on YouTube. Watching a video on YouTube, once you click on the video itself (to put the browser's "focus" on the video) you can use the "back arrow" on your PC keyboard to rewind 5 seconds. The video doesn't stop it just continues 5 seconds earlier. And so on if you keep hitting the PC keyboard's "back arrow" I use that all of the time when trying to learn songs on YouTube. I find myself trying to do that by habit in Cakewalk. Does such a feature exist? I know hitting the space bar rewinds to where one starting playing the song. Not talking about that. I know there is a way to stop the playing of a song at the current moment Not talking about that. I know you can hit hotkeys to go to markers. Not talking about that. I'm looking for the feature to rewind 5 seconds but the song continues to play like in YouTube. If the feature does not exist can the fine guru's at BandLab PLEASE add it. I think it would be a great "workflow" addition. Thanks to all for your consideration to my post. Jim
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