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  1. Thank you very much - 'notes' enabled and it's back in business - thank you very much for taking the time to help.
  2. still struggling with this but have noticed that the Mackie will reflect any changes made in the DAW (lights, settings etc) but apart from the faders and pan it's one way traffic with Cakewalk not responding to changed in the Mackie. As far as i can tell they should be communicating though.
  3. Hi, I have been using a Mackie MCU Pro for a few weeks now with no issues (after the initial setup), loading a project today in cakewalk the following issues have arisen: - No buttons on the track strips in the MCU will update Cakewalk, but muting (for eg) in Cakewalk will set the button on the MCU. - Transport not responding - None of the buttons in the view, fader bank, or the whole right hand section respond - the faders do map okay, but i can't move off the 1st bank. I've tried re-mapping the Mackie in Cakewalk as a surface, restarting Cakewalk and the Mackie and loading them in order (i.e. Mackie on 1st), restarting PC, loading other Cakewalk projects. I'm reading and looking for answers now, but any advice or help or links would be fantastic. Thanks in advance Chris.
  4. HI, Apologies if this has been covered, and thanks in advance if anyone can suggest a thread that covers this, i had a look but couldn't specifically find this. Bought a 2nd hand Mackie MCU Pro recently, and am trying to get it set up to work with cakewalk. I have the operating mode set to 'Mackie Ctrl' , usb connection to the desktop. (I also have the midi i/o connected via Steinberg ur rt) I have created the Mackie Control - 1 line in Preferences/Control Surfaces, this shows i/o ports for the soundcard, which confused me a little as the Mackie manual says the usb connection only is needed. Going to Utilities/Mackie Control - 1, I can see the settings screen, but on clicking the 'Configure Layout' button, nothing happens - I had expected much delight at this point but the Mackie is just staring blankly back at me with it's now mournful initiation screen telling me the Firmware is v3.0.0... Thanks in advance Chris
  5. Thanks for the reply, **UPDATE*** actually that did work, just not instantly for some reason! - thank you very very much. I'm using a Steinberg UR RT2 - I'm not sure if this is what you meant but there is this following interface for it, but muting everythign (i did try muting daw and master - just not on this screenshot) but to no change! It's driving me nuts- again thanks for the reply
  6. for me, clicking the mouse wheel brings up the menu for this.
  7. HI, Total newb to cakewalk, and to this forum so apologies in advance if this is in the wrong place or is inappropriately stupid! I have looked for an answer to this but... Using Cakewalk to record an audio input, I can always hear the input signal. Previously when using Cubase, this seems to auto mute - so 'i'd never given it any thought until i switched to Cakewalk If I set the track to record and engage a plug in I can hear the signal path signal flipping on/off when i toggle the input echo switch but it's alongside the general input signal that i could hear anyway. I have tried deselecting the soundcard from the PC i'm using (windows 10) but to no avail. Everything records okay and obviously on the playback there is only the signal path audio.
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